September 13, 2015

Look What Followed Me Home

Nothing expensive...
just a huge glass jug, a reproduction demijohn

large amber demijohn

There was something about it that "spoke" to me. I love glass objects, bowls, etc. 

So much of my glass stuff was broken in our moves... in and out of storage. (A chip here, a crack there.) 

I never buy expensive glass, because, well, it can break.

I am not sure where my jug will go in the house. But I figured it would work somewhere. I love the amber color!

large amber glass jug
Oops, we forgot to take down an anniversary bell.

They say that your home should hold the items you love. It should be a reflection of those who live there. Well, I like this big jug, so home it came.  If you collect the things you love, they will work together in your home.

The fellow at the check out counter in Tuesday Morning asked me if I was going to save change in it.

 I did not think of that, but I guess it could work as a piggy bank. ha! But it seems it would be hard to empty...besides weighing a ton. will be a décor piece for me. 

large glass jug or bottle
Isn't it pretty!

The amber colored glass will look good in our great room, in the hall, in one of the extra bedrooms, etc. I think it will fit in style wise with most of any of my rooms.

And it will make a nice piece for a fall vignette. Just showing you that I really can justify my big, little find. ha!

How about sunflowers? Yes, now that I think about it. (I need to run to my basement flower shop later.)

large amber glass jar

This jug is huge, and heavy. I tried a couple of stems in my jug, just to see how they might look.

long stemmed pink flowers

 I moved my jug from the photo studio (my dining room) to the mama cave...just to get different lighting.

large glass bottle on table

There is less light, but I think I got a few good pics. You can see the design better in the pic. 

large glass demijohn

You will see my jug pop up in photos from time to time. So, be on the lookout.

Those of you who have been hanging out with me a while...where do you think I should put the jug? Suggestions are welcome.

By the way...I found this pic from Atlanta Homes magazine (below) online when I was doing some research on demijohns, after I purchased mine.

Check out the website here
So many pretty antique ones to see!

I like my jug...even though it is not an antique. Me and antique glass?...probably not. I break way too much glass. Ha!

Have you made any great impulse purchases lately? Aren't they fun!

Do tell us!

Thanks for visiting. 
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