September 4, 2015

In The Mood for Fall Décor?

Are you in the mood for fall? 

I'm guessing it depends what part of the country  you live in as to how you feel about the fall season descending upon you. 

We had a really hot, rainy summer where I live. 
I am ready to have less humidity and cooler temps. 

I love fall. I used to not like it growing up. 
But now that I am older, I like it. 

I love sweater weather and being comfortable outside. I also like fall recipes and the smell of baking. It is just too hot to turn on the oven in the summer. I mean...why tax the AC any more than you have to! Ha! 

I really have not done anything fall-ish inside of the house except for a few small faux sunflower  arrangements. 

I went to my flower shop in the basement and looked for something that I could put together for a quick end of summer, early fall arrangement. 

I gathered a few flowers for a simple fall arrangement. 

My method of making a floral arrangement is a rebellious one. 

I do not study for a perfectly arranged floral centerpiece.

I like to place flowers in a container the way I gather them.

I do try to aim for some symmetry, but if a branch is poking out all wonky, it's ok. 

Maybe nature wanted it to be a wonky stem so that it would not stay with the bunch...So it wouldn't run with the pack.

These stems are silk...and some that I had on hand. I like to remix and reuse stems as long as I can. 

I will put some glass beads in the vase. And then when I find some fresh fall flowers that flirt with me...I will bring them  home and replace these silk stems. But for now these pretty yellow stems put me in the mood for fall.

Are you in the mood for fall yet?
Have you started decorating for fall around your house?
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