September 25, 2015

Fall Decorating: Autumn Past

I pulled out some of last year's fall decorating photos to get an idea of what I might do for some fall and Halloween touches around the house this year. 

I have to look at my older pics because I cannot remember from one year to the next it seems. 

Whether it is Christmas, Easter, or Halloween, older pics help me figure out what I might do for the next year.

I think that it is so much fun to decorate for fall. 

I don't mean to rush the seasons...but I kind of get in the mood because it seems that retail begins putting out fall ribbons, crafts, fabric, candles....and all other types of seasonal décor to tempt us on August 1st. 

I like going to the basement and digging in my bin of pumpkins and silk stems to see what I have. 

My short term memory makes the contents of my bin a surprise each hear. ha! Kidding or not? You too?

I like to decorate with natural elements but I am fine with some faux pumpkins here and there. 

I have a collection of extra large pine cones that I picked up in our yard at Hilton Head. I miss that yard. But I still have the pine cones. 

Have you tried decorating with any of the faux black or white pumpkins that have been out and about the last couple of years? 

I bought two small ones last year thinking I would paint some stencils on them. I did not...but I did use them for a fun Halloween tablescape. 

My orange pillows will travel back to the leather sofa to lend some color to the great room. They can stay out until Thanksgiving. 

I must remember to bring my old iron basket upstairs. I use that during the fall and winter months. It is great for holding pine cones, pumpkins, or Christmas ornaments.  

I also love to mix my wicker balls among my loose gathering of fall objects. So, I need to locate those too.

Here is a look back at how I decorated the front porch last year. I did not buy anything for this look. I just reused everything for a different presentation. 

I refreshed my black urns with spray paint last they should still be nice for this fall. 

I had a roll of black plastic netting. I cut a couple of yards for each of my black urns and placed over the tops. 

Then I set a large pottery welcome pumpkin on the top of the urn. 

I added a few pine cones and mini pumpkins around the base of each pumpkin. I then took my collection of faux pumpkins and placed them around the bottom of each urn. 

I like real pumpkins...but I already had a bin full of the faux ones. (Love the ones you're with have! ha!)

I just think it is so much fun to make your porch pretty for fall. 

My neighbors are not quite close enough to see the details of my porch décor, but they can see that I have some decorations. 

They will have to visit me or read the blog to see the details of my vignettes. 

I brought out my long stemmed sunflowers to add some more color and height to my vignette.

You will have to keep on the lookout to see how I use my fall decorative items this year. 

I will use my black urns again...but I have not decided what I will do to decorate the porch for this fall and Halloween. 

My wreath from last year still looks good, so it will be displayed again this year too.

All of my porch details are black...lanterns, shutters, chairs, urns, doormat, etc. I love using oranges so much with the black. It's just fun.  

I am in the process of getting ideas and inspiration for this year's fall porch display. 

You will have to wait a little longer. will be the first to see when it is done. 

I hope you are inspired to think about your fall and Halloween this year after seeing a few of my ideas from last year.

In this pic I used a cake plate to elevate a few items. You can also use books to add some height to a tablescape. 

Here is my old tray that I spray painted black, then added plastic netting to it. I loaded it up with lots of mini pumpkins and a couple of furry spiders. 

A simple door basket with loose stems...but the colors say fall. 

There are so many simple, inexpensive displays that you can create by just mixing and re-matching your bits and pieces.

It is so much fun to think about fall decorating, blankets, spiced cider, and crisp evenings. (Hubby would also add, football.)

Dressing the Front Porch for Fall. 
Here is a more detailed look at my porch last year. 
And, Looking back to Halloween 2014 décor.
A Halloween Tray

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