September 20, 2015

Fall Decorating: A Simple Fall

With it being September...and leaves falling (boohoo) I guessed it would be ok to start full-on-fall decorating. 

I have been holding back...but it has been hard, because I love fall decorating.

large sunflowers

I visited the "flower shop in the basement" to bring up these beauties. I have taken such good care of them that they are just like new...though a few years old. 

large silk sunflowers

The stems are extra long...but I have never cut them, for fear of future regret. So for now...they are in a deep galvanized French flower bucket.

I was in Lexington at an alumni meeting (Transylvania) and we ran into HL as we were leaving town. 

The place was packed with Fall, Halloween, and Christmas decorations all at the same time. Wow. 

I was a little overwhelmed with so much visual stimulation...but I did leave with a couple of black resin ravens to add to my Halloween collection. 

large faux pumplins

Back to fall...
These wrapped pumpkins have been with me for a while too. I set them first one place then another. Here they are in a chair at the front door. 

I have a couple of extra large orange tubs where I store my fall décor items. That way they stay nice from year to year. 

You can see that I sprinkle small pumpkins around also. It's just a simple fun way to add some fall into your regular room décor.

pumpkin on chest

You don't have to have a complete over-hall of your interior design for there to be "fall" in your home. 

Last year I did a little too much, and this year I am cutting down (she says.) ha! 

But when Halloween gets here...I will probably ramp up the décor again. :-) Halloween can be so much fun...with cute kids in costumes, and yummy treats all around. 

pumpkins with blue and white china

These two pumpkins were added to the vignette I had already created. But you all know long this vignette stays here could be a blip away!

brass bowl with pumpkins

I loaded up this brass bowl with pumpkins and fall potpourri for a hall table.

basket of fall filler

And I did another fall mix in my iron basket!  I will do a few more little things around the house. But I am trying not to have too much to put away. We will see how well I do with this as fall marches on. 

There is just something about cooler weather and falling leaves (again boohoo) that stir the nesting instinct. 

metal basket of fall filler

Here's to a simple, casual fall season...where we can look forward to spiced tea, or lattes, sweaters, sounds of crunching leaves, football, and a nip in the air. 

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What about you? 
Do you go "big" for the fall-halloween-thanksgiving decorating? Or just keep it simple?


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