September 15, 2015

A Simple Fall Arrangement

It looks like fall is here in my part of Kentucky. 
The air is less humid, and leaves are gracefully floating to the ground.

I am getting into the groove with my fall decorating.

fall table arrangement

Here is my favorite fall floral.
Yes it is!
And it is so simple.

There are not any actual flowers in it.
This arrangement is made up of grasses, feathers, and sprigs of berries.
I still call it a floral arrangement though.

It looks like something you could gather up from a walk in a field or woods.

I have had this arrangement for a couple of seasons, and I still love it for late summer/early fall.

Last year I had it on a huntboard in the great room.

It was a little squished though. ha!

I decided to put it on the dining room table this year because it is wide and needs room for its wispy stems.

I love the small urn...and rambling grasses and branches.

I did not make this arrangement...but I think you could copy this style easily enough.

fall floral arrangement

I want to shop for some faux grasses and feathers to make a similar one for a bucket. I love "big" arrangements!

I wanted to share this with you all in case you wanted to create a big wispy fall arrangement like this too.

fall flower arrangement with pumpkins

With each day we are getting a little bit closer to fall. 

Instead of the mini pumpkins I went with a tray as a base for the arrangement. 

The urn is small and I just thought maybe the larger tray would ground the arrangement better.

fall flower arrangement
(I took this picture before the purple chairs went to the upholsterer.)

I hope you are having a wonderful, almost fall day!

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