August 8, 2015

Too Soon? Fall Decor Ideas

Is it too early to think about fall? 

The answer is yes for me! ha!

I guess we are entering the season for transition from sea shells to pumpkins and mums.

I am thinking ahead because of a party that we are hosting in August
...for my parent's 65th anniversary.
I hope I don't tire you out listening to my party planning tidbits. That's just the next big thing at the front of my mind these days. 

There are no children to get ready for school at this house!  

I love party planning and hostessing. 
But if I do not get organized ahead...I can stress out a day or two ahead of the event. 
 Stressing is not good because then one does not enjoy the party. 
So, planning and organizing are my keys to success!

I started looking back at some of my fall posts to get ideas, i.e. remember what I have done before. 

I honestly cannot remember all of the different vignettes, tweaks, etc. 

Pictures are the best way to jog my memory. You too?

I am taking you along for the visual trip...because I thought maybe you might need an idea or two for your house, or an event. 

Some of you may have already seen these this will be a refresher for you. 

Please pin any pics that inspire you !

Having an end of August event will probably require me to visit the florist for a pretty arrangement for the buffet table. I doubt that mums will be ready for the porch either. 

The thing is...we are working on a 
sapphire color scheme because the 65th wedding anniversary is 
" sapphire. "

I am just not sure which direction to go with flowers for a somewhat formal table/buffet. I will visit the local florist for their help. 

I have a crystal bowl that we used at our daughter's wedding that might be good for this centerpiece.

I do want to have some other fall-ish decor around the house too. 

I will set up the kitchen table so that folks who do not want to stand around and talk can "sit a spell" and chat with others while they snack on hors'd oeuvres. (I have to nail down the menu too. Put on the to do list asap!)
My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.

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