August 31, 2015

Sitting Room Reveal

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My little room has been a work in progress...
probably since we  moved in three years ago. 
But it took me a while to hang drapes and finish up other projects.

You all know how that goes!

I have tweaked table tops and switched 
pillows along the way to this room reveal.

I dug through boxes and tubs to locate my Chinoiserie pieces! 
(So nice to find old friends.)

The sitting room (aka the mama cave) is now ready for its big reveal! 

You have seen bits and pieces along the way. 
 And now here it is for your viewing pleasure.

First off, the wing chairs returned home last week.
The purple wing chairs have changed into white wing chairs. Woohoo! Here they are side by side just after being returned from the upholsterer.
Sorry for the shadow in the pic.

Here is the all its purple glory.

The white chairs look more elegant in the mama cave. 

The room has taken on a new atmosphere with the change of chair fabric. 

One of the reasons I wanted to go with all white furniture was so that I could change out pillows and accessories and have new looks for the different seasons. 

The purple chintz was very restrictive. 
I went with purple several years ago for a room in our previous house. 

The white chairs originally had black chintz floral fabric back in the early 1980s. ha!

I thought about doing a white slip-covered
 look on these wing chairs, 
but the dressy side of me won out.

The traditional in me reared its head!

I chose a naturally washed cotton damask that  
has a snappy "dressy/casual" look that works for me now. (cotton in a damask pattern)

My room looks so different with the white chairs. 
Now, all of the furniture is neutral.
I was afraid that the white fabric would make 
the chairs look large...but no.  

My upholsterer did another great job on this last set of chairs.

I have worked slowly, but methodically, to give this room a fresh new face. 

Since the sitting room is for me I was not 
afraid of the ivory for my chairs. 
My room is a ladies parlor. 
(Guys are not interested in hanging out there, which is fine with me.)

The upholsterer did make arm covers for the chairs to have some protection. 

What appears to be satin is actually 
a smooth cotton, with sheen. 
Kind of like a sateen. 

(chair fabric from

In the next picture you get a glimpse of my new-ish drapes.

The drapes were made for our previous house, 
but they were remade to fit my shorter windows. 
Thrilled that it worked out! 

The wall color was selected to go with this drapery fabric by an interior designer I used at the time. This is the second house in which I have used this paint color. 

The color is happy and bright, but not jarring.  

Wall Paint color...Benjamin Moore's Westminster Gold.
Woodwork and Columns...Benjamin Moore's Mayonnaise.
Fabric...Thibaut. No longer available. (boo hoo!)

(My camera sees dust that I don't. ha!)
The large oriental blue and white jar is something hubby spotted in Lexington
...back in the early summer. 

As you can see, it came home with me.

How do you like the leopard pillows on my white damask sofa? I just wanted to give them a try here
...and I love them. 
The exact colors of the leopard print are in the rug.

Back in July I gave you a look at how I was putting all of my accessories together in this room to determine which ones would work and which ones would not. 

The rug is the focal point for all of the colors in the room. I made piles of things (fabrics, pillows, accessories) on the rug to double check colors. 

Then as a wild hair I brought leopard pillows into the room. 

Every room can use a touch of leopard in my humble opinion. :-) 
It adds texture and an element of fun and surprise.
I love bits of leopard in my house and in my clothing. 

That inspired me to bring in some natural elements.
I mean...wicker balls work almost anywhere.

My colors repeat around the room.
black. white. blue. yellow/gold. beige.

And...My rug has each of these colors! 

Here is a blue and white vignette that was put together in late winter or early spring.  
I told you I have been working on this room a long time. ha! 

A collection has more impact if displayed together so I wanted to give it a try. I have to say that this has been my longest lasting vignettes. 
I still like it after several months.

There are also touches of silver and brass. 

And every room needs a little bit of green too. Preserved boxwood is the touch of green right now.

The black and white pillows were in my stash...and look dramatic on the white chairs. 
They were part of a Waverly bedding collection a few years ago. 
I love to use black in my house.

Coffee table bling.
We were told in a design class that  if you want an English look use touches of black in a room, while if you want a French look, use touches of white. 

I have black lampshades, trays, 
picture frames,  cachepots, pillows, and rugs. 

I love English and Federal styling! 
But I was a French major and French teacher! Crazy huh?  

I am very happy with my little room! 

You know...sometimes we can work and work on a room, 
and in the end all of the decisions don't jive. I hate that!

Believe me, over the last forty years I have made my share of design decisions that I later regretted and had to redo. ha!

I have finally figured out what works for me! 
At least I think I have. 
(It's kind of like with our clothing. We eventually figure out what looks good on us and what doesn't.) 

Mistakes are disappointing... and expensive! 
Try to avoid them at all costs!

Thanks for stopping by to see the new look of my room.
I have one more thing to do in the front of the house
...and then the big changes will be complete. 

It only took me three years to get to this point. ha! 
I'm sure that table vignettes and pillows will change with the seasons
...but I am satisfied with the overall look of my room now. 

Adding leopard pillows to my traditional room design 
helps the room to not take itself too seriously! I think that can be an issue with some traditional rooms. They take themselves way too seriously. I love the new fresh approach to traditional that we are seeing today. 

Thanks for visiting!

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