August 17, 2015

My Black Door

have been flirting with the idea of black interior doors. 
I finally got around to giving it a try...sort of. ha!

I am not ready to commit to painting all of my inside doors black...but I did give it a go with my front door. 

I think that the bedroom doors would look great painted black too. But I have a point of concern about my French doors in the great room. It seems that I have to go "all or nothing." 

I painted my front door black...on both sides. And I have to say that I like it. I had some paint issues... I will just say that the young man did not mix it right. The paint color was perfect, but it was thin as water. Hmmm. Not a good start to the project! 

But back to the doors. I had been planning to paint my front door black, but I got wild and painted the inside too. I love it!  But, could I be happy with the look of all of my interior doors painted black.  I have to think about it. I think I would like it. But it gets complicated...I am still thinking.

Let's take a look at the outside of the door.

The black paint has made the brass grille more prominent. I don't really like the brass, but I think this door is going to be replaced some time in the future because It has a few issues...but until it is replaced I want to make it as attractive as I can. And painting it black suits me. (I love the black shiny doors all over London.)

I have other black items on my front I felt like painting the door black was a good idea. Hubby put the oiled bronze handle set on soon after we moved in. Black is a dramatic color. I have touches of black all over the inside of the house, and I even dress in lots of black. Ha!

I have black shutters, black chairs, and black door lanterns. I like to repeat colors because it just makes for a more coherent style.

I also have black urns....and my first fall mums. I found them at Lowes this week. (sidebar...I did not think I would have mums in time for the anniversary party, but yea!)

Getting the front door painted before the party can now be checked off of my list. WooHoo! I have been working on bathroom tile grout this week too. Not the most fun, but it needed to be scrubbed clean! Window washing....asap. 

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