August 23, 2015

Instant Fall Door Floral

fall floral
I love easy floral arrangements, 
and this is the easiest of all.

If you like to have pretty flowers or wreaths on your exterior doors, 
I think you will like this way of displaying them.

fall floral
Begin with a door basket!
Then gather a few stems to put in it 
Ta! Da! have a new arrangement. 

This is not a wicker basket...but a metal version I guess. I have a couple of these and they make door florals the absolute easiest.

I have put pine greenery in mine for Christmas time...and winter ...Sometimes with a big red bow.

I purchased this faux copper door basket before we moved from our house on the farm. It was a Hobby Lobby quick pick one day. I have a matching one too...and it is hanging in a bathroom with other stems.  I like to use my metal baskets in the cooler months for some reason. I have a wicker door basket to use for spring and summer.
fall floral
Anyway, this little "basket" is a great shape and makes a natural arrangement by just sticking stems down into the cone. 

I have not put a ribbon on this one
...but I have used ribbon for other arrangements.

Depending on your stems may have to trim some length. 

I always have a mix of stems around the house making this arrangement was as easy as going to the basement and picking fall stems. 
Shop the house is my first go to!

I highly recommend this type of container for you if you do not have one. 

I have seen this shape in various stores you should be able to locate one if you want. 

fall floral

These are just the right shades of color for this transitional time we head into autumn.

I like the wildflower look of this mix. It is not overly arranged. 

fall floral

 I like arrangements that look like you just picked the flowers and placed them into a container. 
I used to like "arranged" flowers. 
I had them all over the Georgian house. 
I do still have one or two, but now I prefer a loose gathering of flowers. 

Here is a closeup of the detail.

I now have a few happy flowers hanging on one of the doors to the back greet those who visit.

fall floral

I hope you like this idea, and that you can use it to make your door pretty!

Thanks for visiting.
My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

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