August 19, 2015

Make A Halloween Sign


I don't think I am dreaming this, but I was outside this afternoon and I smelled wood burning. It could have been someone burning brush (we live in the country and you can do that) but It reminded me when of people burn wood in their fireplaces on the first nippy day of autumn. Where has this summer gone?  I have not accomplished the things I meant to do! On the other hand, I have done some things that were not on my mental "to do" list. 

I guess I still have a few more days of summer left, even though the school bus started running this week! So I'd better get cracking!  I need to.... Wash windows. Paint the front door. Organize tubs in the basement. Finish decorating a bedroom. Do a couple of sewing projects. And...firm up some anniversary party details! Daughter is getting the invitations "game on." :-)

I went to the basement this afternoon to locate a fall wreath, and some other fall flowers.  So, I have begun the transition it seems.


I noticed that the stores started displaying fall items on Aug 1 it seems. we go! We are half way through 2015. 

I am not ready to start with pumpkins yet, but I will begin bringing a few decor items upstairs in order to gradually work my way from summer to fall. I will have a few inspiration ideas for you to try in your house. Just simple ideas with things you may already have on hand. 

Have you begun the seasonal transition? 

Switching gears a little bit...
I have to show you something that hubby picked up in TJ Maxx when I went in search of pillows for the twin beds (that I put in son's room.) While hubby is not fond of shopping, he ventured inside the store with me...and he found something.  I am not sure if I should be offended or not by his purchase? ha! But, I do like to collect witch motif items for Halloween. Look at this! 

The Witch Is In, sign!  :-)
I really do like it! Thanks hubby.

Here are a couple of closeups if you are interested in creating one of your own. 
This cute sign was made by gluing a square of burlap onto a thin board. My sign is three feet wide and ten inches tall. But you could make this sign any size you want.

The burlap edges were frayed...and then the burlap was painted an ivory color. 
This one has a one inch frame around it so that it stands out from the wall. But I don't think it is necessary. If you are good at woodworking you might like to customize your sign like this. 
I have had good luck with paint markers from Wal-Mart craft dept when I want detailed work for lettering and such. I am not skilled with a paint brush. ha!

I hope this inspires you to start thinking ahead for some seasonal decorations. (I think this sign style could be used for Christmas, fall, spring, quotes, etc. too.)

I think Halloween is fun...from the crafts, to parties and food! And it seems that in the last few years "grown-up" Halloween parties are popular. 

A few years ago I went to a Halloween party and wore a circle skirt with a poodle applique on it. (I made the skirt.) I wore a white button up blouse, pink chiffon scarf, white sneakers, and bobby socks too. ha! It was fun to play dressup.

Do you do anything special for Halloween? Please share with us by leaving a comment. 

I enjoy the light side of Halloween
...friends, food, and fun!

How about party recipes? Please share. It isn't too early to start planning because...

The Witch Is In!

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