August 2, 2015

How I Added A Sitemap to My Blogger blog.

For my Bogger blog friends...
 Just a quick tutorial about how I added a sitemap to my blog.

After my post about making a sitemap for you to locate some of my older posts, I had inquiries about my writing a tutorial that some that some of you could use to also add a sitemap. Some sources call it a table of contents...if that is a term to which you can relate better. Some techie terms just don't register...I get that. Ha! I a "woman of a certain age" as the French it put so beautifully (une femme d'uncertain age) and if I can learn how to do this techie stuff, you can too! Of course, I may have just been lucky and held my mouth just right to get my sitemap widget installed.

I tried a couple of websites for instructions. If there are too many twists and turns to get a gadget, widget, HTML installed on my blog...I just move on. I need super simple. I hope that I can explain
this so that you can understand how to install your own table of contents/sitemap on your blog.

Here goes...:-)
1. Go to your Blogger dashboard....The place where you click to ADD a Post.  Look down and locate the tab PAGES. Click the Pages tab. Look at the top of your list of pages. and Click on Add A Page. Name the page, Sitemap. Save. Always remember to save.

2. Your sitemap page will not be visible until you click to make it visible though. To do that, locate the Layout tab on your dashboard. Open. Now you see all of the modules on your blog. On my blog all of my pages are located under my the top of the page. For me it is a crossover column under my header in layout view that houses my pages. I Clicked the edit icon in the lower right corner. Here you will make your pages or your one page that you created just for this
sitemap...visible. Click on Sitemap to include it and make it visible. Save. Refresh your blog page
after going to "view" your blog.  I had to refresh a time or two before all of my topics and posts
populated the sitemap page.

3. Now that you have a page, you want to open your sitemap page as if you were going to compose a message. NOW, click on the HTML tab instead of the compose tab. This is where you will copy the code to. This next link is where you will find the code. Please read everything carefully. Very carefully!

Please NOTE. I cannot be responsible if something should not work for you because all of our blogs are a little different. This is how I did it for my blog. Many people have a test blog where they practice before making permanent changes to their blog. Also, it is a good idea to "save" a copy of your blog. In case of a catastrophic problem. I did not do either, but apparently I like to live dangerously. Ha! See the blogger dashboard, settings.

Here are the instructions I followed, and the code I copied to my sitemap page, in HTML mode.

Just today one of my blog friends,  Linda@Life and Linda emailed me to say that she also has a tutorial on her blog to help people add a pretty sitemap. Linda also assists others with blog design, etc. in case you get stuck. Here is her tutorial.
Linda @life and Linda...

Labels and and Learn!
My sitemap is not as organized as I would like it to be because when I started blogging I did not properly label my catagories of topics. I should have labeled all food and recipes as just recipes, instead of each and every name of the dish. Housekeeping would have been another broad label for some of my posts. I have half a dozen traditional labels. Ha! Design also good!  So, if you are startingout as a new blogger...think of your larger catagories for labels instead of each tiny item being
a catagory.

You will still be able to find posts on past topics more easily than before. And that is a good thing!

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