August 26, 2015

Housekeeping Tip: Washing Windows

This will be short and sweet my dear friends. 
I have been busy this week.
Crazy busy!
No time for creative projects here!

I have been cleaning house. 
I mean really, really cleaning house. 

I'm wearing my Fitbit so I can get credit for my "activity."

(Yes...I know, if I wouldn't put off the cleaning I wouldn't have to kick it into high gear and have marathon cleaning days/weeks. ha!) 

Hazel, where are you when I need you?

I want my house to sparkle and shine for the anniversary party! 

I was out on the back porch wiping off chairs, doors , window frames, etc. today. 

I was using a wet microfiber dusting cloth. 
I knew I was going to be cleaning windows before the party
...but I just took my wet microfiber cloth and started wiping the windows
...just to knock off the heavy dust/dirt. 

I would come back later with my spray bottle of Invisible Glass. 

Just after wiping the window with the wet microfiber I immediately wiped off the glass with a clean, dry, old dish towel. (I like old tea towels because they have less fuzz.) 

I planned to go back and do a proper window cleaning
...but, there was immediate shine and sparkle. 

What? dirty, wet microfiber did this? 
I was questioning what I was seeing with my own eyes.

I felt like the glass still needed to be "washed" so I went inside and and squirted some dawn dish-washing liquid onto the dirty microfiber to clean it some before wiping the windows again. 

The cloth was still wet and sudsy I squeezed out most, but not all, 
of the moisture and suds. 

Then I went back to washing off the French door glass then towel drying. Both inside and outside glass sparkle and shine! It's amazing. 

No streaks, and cheaper than buying Invisible Glass for all of my home's windows. 

At about $5 a spray bottle
...that can get expensive. 
I can save the invisible glass for my mirrors.

I think the Dawn helped the cleaning process. 
Must be those "active" suds! Ha!!Household-Cleaners/134/Dawn-Ultra-Antibacterial-28-oz-Dishwashing-Liquid-Apple-Blossom-Scent.jsp

This is the easiest way to wash/clean windows. 
1. Drizzle Dawn on a dripping wet microfiber cloth. 
2. Rub the water and dawn together. 
3. Squeeze out most of the moisture and suds.
4. Wash/wipe glass thoroughly. 
5. Immediately wipe the glass dry with a fuzz free old tea towel. 
(Skip paper towels. Too much fuzz.)

It is possible that any dish-washing liquid will render the same results...but I usually have Dawn under the kitchen sink most of the time. 
It makes dishes squeaky clean, so why not my windows?

My son taught me how he wipes off dirt/scuffs from the inside of his car...a leather seat, a door, etc. 
He takes a damp microfiber cloth with a drop or two of Dawn and "smushes" it into the cloth. 
He then takes that cloth to wipe off dirt. 
It works in his fancy car...
so I guess it would work around the house too. 

The next time I wash windows I think my plan will be to make a small bucket of Dawn and hot water. 
That way I can dunk my microfiber into the soapy water, wring it almost dry, and go about my window washing, on and on. 

Oh think of the fun I will have! ha!

I am actually excited that I found an easier way to wash windows. 

Really I am. :-) 

I guess I have no real excuse for dirty windows now!

I hope this tip helps you to have sparkly windows too!

Thanks for visiting.

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

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