August 12, 2015

First Look, Chair Makeover

My upholsterer called to say that he was ready to deliver two of my three sets of chairs. Yipee!  I said...come on, any time. 


You all are getting the first look!

(I know you have been sitting on the edge of your chair waiting to see what my chairs will look like after the makeovers. ha!)

Changing the fabric on a chair can completely change the flavor, or style. 

I am sharing the great room chairs first. They were covered in a floral chintz from our vacation house. Usage and light finally deemed that it was time for a new covering on those chairs. With the original fabric, the chairs looked sort of country English. At least that was my intent when I picked out the fabric and frame. 

Christmas in Kentucky

Here is the fabric back in December. I was making the chairs did not match the rug and wall color. But hey, we do that. We make do.

Creative Interiors Bowling Green Kentucky

Here is the new fabric. This pattern was a doozy according to my upholstery guy. I knew that the repeat was large vertically, but I did not think of the horizontal placement. That cost me four or five extra yards of fabric and labor. (My guy charges by the yardage he uses. And really it is very, very fair...even with these chairs that inhaled the yardage.) He also added extra cotton padding and made oversized arm covers. Whew! I am so pleased with the job after his phone calls about needing more fabric, the horizontal match having issues, etc. I was finally able to exhale after the chairs were delivered and put in place.

Creative Interiors Bowling Green Kentucky

It has been dark and rainy all I had to turn on lots of light to get these pictures. (I could not wait until a sunny day to take pictures for you, because this summer has been dark and rainy. Who knows when we will have a sunny day for picture taking?) 

The colors may vary some...but the fabric is gold, with shades of burgundy/merlot as the paisley. I have the same colors in the wool rug too. Yes...I planned it that way. Remember my tip about starting from the floor and going up!? I put this fabric on top of the rug so that I would know that the colors match. 

In the evenings we usually have these lights on
...low light for watching tv, etc.
The chairs with the new fabric have more visual weight in the room,  was which was needed. The other side of the room has dark leather furniture, wood chests, and a wall gallery up to the cathedral ceiling. The chairs have a dressier, more substantial look about them now. It's amazing what fabric can do! Which is why it is so nerve wracking to us to make a decision, an expensive decision. If we hate something when it comes back home...well, it is just not good. In fact it can invoking a crying jag, or a temper tantrum, etc. ha! It is just down right depressing when one makes a huge mistake.

Great Room Style

Moving are the darlings again! I am tickled pink that these chairs turned out as well as they did. Hubby remarked that the chairs go better with the old cherry table now too.  (He's right!) 

And notice that my soldier in the print is framed in burgundy, black and gold matting, with a gold leaf wood frame. It's all about the details. The brass lamps also help with the gold, as well as the lamp shades which are black but lined in a metallic gold. The metal cachepot is painted black with gold touches. 

Repeating colors is my key to a cohesive room! It is my "go to" method. Start with the floor, and keep adding items with the colors you choose as your primary ones. Too many colors and your room might come across as a kindergarten classroom. 

chair upholstery

This is a heavy upholstery weight fabric and it should wear well. I actually do not know the manufacturer or pattern name. Unusual for me! ...but I bought this at an interior design shop (Creative Interiors) in Bowling Green, KY and they ordered the fabric for me. They are online if you are interested in tracking down this fabric.

The yellow light makes the fabric look extra gold in some of the pictures. 

Creative Interiors, Bowling Green, Kentucky

The upholsterer did a great job with the cording, arm tucks, and all of the matching. I told him not to worry about matching every single strip of fabric. I said as long as the seat, back, and front matched I would be ok. This fabric did not cause me to loose sleep...but it was on my mind a lot worrying about how it would be on these chairs.

Creative Interiors Fabric

You can see some of the rug colors in this picture.

new upholstery fabric

Great Room Makeover

And here we have it. The first set of chairs passes muster. I will share the next set in a day or two. He is still working on the third set...the wingbacks. 

Looks like I will have all of the chairs back in place in time for the anniversary party! Yea! People will need places to sit after all. :-)  I was hoping I would not need to bring in yard chairs. Just kidding. But really! Things can happen when you least expect it. 

interior design

I will be back in a couple of days with another chair "reveal." Hint...they look great too. I took a totally different style approach with them. 

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