August 10, 2015

Decorating a New Bedroom, Part 3

I have been working on the bedroom, and things are coming together nicely. I was not exactly sure the direction of this room when I started, but one decision after another has brought me to the point you see today. 

I brought white twin beds and a matching chest up from the basement for the start of this bedroom redo. I picked up a couple of pillows that have taupe and persimmon colors, which work nicely with the taupe walls and taupe coverlets.

I brought in two older rust wool rugs...which also give me some additional colors to work with in this room. Some of you, along with me, are feeling the farmhouse vibe that is slipping into this design. I think this is due to the white pieces of furniture.

If you missed the earlier posts.

And now, Part 3.
I have made a few tweaks to the bedroom by accessorizing the top of the pine armoire... thanks to shopping the house. The accessories may change from time to time of course. 

Here is my first go around. This is the pine armoire that goes with the single bed we took out of the bedroom. This piece will go to son whenever he wants to move it to his place. Until then, it will hang out here. It is on the back wall of the bedroom and is not visible when entering. Thus no pine and painted wood in the same sight line.

We have nine foot ceilings in our bedrooms, so I thought this armoire needed something on top of it, to carry they eye upward. Son had a collection of this and that piled on top of the armoire. It was not a pretty vignette. ha!

I began this armoire vignette with a weathered looking lantern. I put a slightly melted candle inside for looks.

Next, I leaned a large clock against the wall, so that I could think about it before driving a nail into the wall.

I went around the house looking for something else to go with the lantern and clock. I came up with this rustic topiary for starters. I think it looks better on top of this armoire than it did where I found it. ha! Shopping the house is a good thing!

There are more tweaks to be made but I wanted to share this vignette with you. 

I did make one more little change/addition to the room.  I really should have purchased this little gizmo when we moved in. is a here now and it is a handy little item...An iron and board holder.

I would normally keep the ironing board in the laundry room, but I confiscated some of the square footage in my laundry room for a china cabinet and antique bench. 

So...the ironing board goes into the bedroom. It is now hanging on the back of son's bedroom door. And it is actually a convenient location for me. I can do my ironing in his room and leave the board set up as long as I want. If someone comes to visit, my ironing project is not out in the open. 

I am making progress. Baby steps. 

One of my dear readers even thought I might have a French farmhouse look going on in this bedroom. I came back to look at the room, and the pictures...and you know, she may have hit on a good description. I like it. 

Stay tuned for  more episodes of "As the Room Turns." Au revoir. 

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