August 4, 2015

Decorating a New Bedroom, Part 1

When we moved into our house I put a single bed and a couple of chests into the room that our son would use when he came home to visit. 

Though both kids are long gone from the nest...
I still maintain bedrooms for them to have when they come "home." Last year I finished the bedroom that daughter and son-in-law use when they come. Son's room has been a hodge podge of furniture. Good furniture mind you, but just not a cohesive look.
I decided to bring in the twin beds that we had in our vacation house. These are 20 year old newish. ha! They had very light use during the years. I just decided to bring them into this room. These beds are heavy solid wood and deserve to be used. The single bed son was using was not the best. It had been in his boy room at the Georgian house.   At one point I thought about painting these twin beds take away that Victorian look. But no...I decided to stay with the factory finish and decorate around the beds just the way they are. I am glad I did not paint them now...because I see them as having a somewhat farmhouse flavor. Time will tell. But I will have pics to document the evolution of this bedroom.
Since this room will be used by our son the challenge will be to make the room look gender neutral. While I love, love the white beds I understand that there are curly ques in the trim. I hope to offset the curvy wood by using simple accessories. I want the room to be simple, uncluttered, and restful in overall style.
I have a matching white chest in the basement that I might put between these two beds. I am thinking of matching lamps on each side of the chest too. This bedroom will be a work in progress over time. only took me two years to get serious about working on this room. ha!

For starters I dressed the beds in taupe coverlets. I like to put full sized coverlets on twin beds so that they hang down lower on the sides. This lets me cover the box springs and side railings of the bed.

The old Windsor chair is a family piece from my hubby's Coffey grandparents. We don't really sit in the chair. I use it to hold a pillow or two and to contribute to my Old Kentucky style.
I still have lots of work to do on this room...but I thought you might like to have a peek at the beginning of my new project.I need to redo the artwork on the walls, find comforters for the end of the bed, and decide about window treatments. 

This room has nice white woodwork (BM Mayonnaise) and I am undecided about covering the pretty woodwork with drapes or valances. So, I am still thinking about that.

I am not sure what the wall paint color is since this taupe was on the walls when we moved in. It was in good we just painted the wood trim and doors. So far this room is tan on tan, on white. It NEEDS color!

I will be looking for some splashes of color in fabrics, i.e. comforters, throw pillows, and a rug for between the beds. I will be shopping the bins in the basement for "color" and will let you know after I make some decisions. 

I have some tan/taupe linen fabric in the basement that would look nice if I made them into drapes...but it is tan/taupe. Maybe I could go with the linen if I used some bright color to trim the drapes. 

I have lots of decisions before this room will wrap up. I approach it as an art project. And to use my own advice...I should start from the floor and go up. I have a couple of traditional wool rugs, one red and one a dark rust. I will lay each one in the room and see how they look. I also have a grass green shag rug! 

Stay tuned to see where I go with this new bedroom.

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  1. I don't know how I got here but, I LOVE this post. Taupe is one of my favorite colors (I do have many favorites, ha). I am guessing that you have probably finished this room already. Since your favorite blue and white is throughout the house that may be a good source for the window dressings and the rug. I will continue to search for the completed room. TFS.


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