August 20, 2015

A Weekend Pasta Recipe

Just a quick visit today... 
With a weekend recipe! 

I want to share a recipe and a cookbook with you. 
You might like to try the recipe this weekend, 
or even look for the book. 

This pasta dish would be a great 
Friday night or Sunday night supper. 

For me I can eat pasta almost any time! 

I picked up this Good Housekeeping Cookbook as a gift for a bride.  But, I could not help myself...I had to browse. I love this cookbook! 

Even though I have been married many, many years I enjoyed reading about the many 

housekeeping topics...including canning, baking, and house management. Most of us know that "housekeeping" and family "management" are full time professions. Not exactly resumé stuff maybe, but it was my choice. :-) That is another chapter or future post maybe. 

Even though this is the "Bridal" edition of the housekeeping book ...I think that we older brides might enjoy this book too. I am not selling the book...but rather mentioning it in case you need a gift for a new bride, or an older bride, or yourself!

Look at this...a chart for pan volumes. I had home economics when I was in school way back in the sixties, yes the sixties, and I never saw/learned these measurements. (I do not remember seeing them in the red and white checked cookbook either.)  Now I have this handy chart from this great book. You might find it helpful too.

Here is a recipe that looked good to me. I love pasta, bacon, peas, and cheese! yum. So, if you love pasta too you might like this recipe. I also think it would be good with some cast iron skillet fried crispy pancetta or bacon stirred into the bowl. I don't know why I cannot leave a recipe alone! I am always changing it up and reinventing. Ha! 

I took a picture of this pasta recipe for myself, then thought I should probably share it with you. I hope that the publishers do not mind my showing one recipe. (It is kind of distorted because it is a photo of the page. Sorry.)

Anyway...Bon Appètit you all! Have a great weekend! I hope you get to do just what you want. Be a couch potato with a good book or get out there and enjoy nature and the great outdoors! Or...any number of fun activities. 

Thank you for visiting, and for supporting my blog with your readership. 

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