July 15, 2015

The Drapery Reveal

thibaut drapery fabric
It has been a long time coming, 
but my living room and dining room drapes 
are ready to make their début!

 I have been so excited to get these up! 

They have changed the personality of the front rooms
...the living and dining rooms.
Thibaut fabric
These drapes were made for our previous house, 
and it has taken me a while to have them remade and hung.
I didn't do the "remaking" of these drapes. 
I decided that I should take them to a 
drapery workroom for the best results. 
The fabric was too pricey for me to mess up. 
I knew it was not a good idea for me to make a 
craft project out of the long panels. ha!  
This is a Thibaut fabric from a few years ago.
The large ikat pattern is on a very heavyweight 
butter color nubby cotton fabric. 
The pattern is very large. 
I chose it when we were in a house with much taller ceilings. 

I was a little worried that the pattern might be too large for my new house...but with the folds in the fabric one mostly sees colors, and not the pattern.

Thibaut fabric
The front our our house has turned into a workroom with drapes, pillows, and fabric samples. There is stuff all over the place, but I did  not want you to miss the behind the scenes  mess story. :-)
Credit where credit is due...
Hubby did the hanging of the brackets, rods, and drapes. 
Thank you Dear.

We have a funny situation with a dropped tray ceiling in the living and dining rooms. Hubby had to do some math to get the rod high enough on the wall, without being too high, and still get the drapes to the correct place at floor level.  I left the measuring and math up to him! (He did a great job by the way.) 

He also had to buy longer, sturdier screws, and hollow wall anchors for the brackets because the rod plus fabric were so, so, heavy. There was not a board behind the place where we had to put the rod...all because of the dropped tray ceiling. We didn't want things to come crashing down at night! ...or anytime. As I write this they are still on the wall! WooHoo! 
You can see the heavy, nubby texture of the fabric in this pic. I picked out the fabric to go with BM Westminster Gold in the old house, so when I picked out paint for our current house I chose Westminster Gold again, as I knew that these drapes would eventually be remade and hung.
The drapes have changed the feeling of the front of the house. Before I had dark gold panels pulled to the side. I did not realize how much they darkened the room. Since we put up the yellow and white drapes the rooms seem softer. They seem a little bit dressier than the rest of the house. But a comfortable dressy...if you know what I mean. 

You can see that the head space above the rod is limited. Hubby gave me two inches above the rod for the ruffle. That was just enough. I spray painted the wood rod gold when we were in the older house. 
new drapes

Here is the pair for the sitting room/mama cave.
I am using plastic wrap to hold the fabric and encourage gentle folds to form. I apologize for the darkness of the pic. It's just hard to shoot toward a window....or hard for "me" to shoot toward a window. My Canon is good...but it takes talent behind the lens too. ha. I'm still working on my photography skills.
And here is the pair in the dining room. Again with the plastic wrap to secure the folds for a few days. I hope you can see the fabric well enough. 

We did not have any felt lining put inside of these drapes...because they were already too heavy. (The drapes in the master bedroom have white felt interlinings. And I love that.) Originally each panel was over twenty feet long. After being remade for our nine foot ceilings, each panel just kisses the floor. So, So happy to finally have these drapes up!
One neat thing in this room is the rug. I bought it several years ago to go in a room with yellow paint...so the rug works in this house too. This is a rug of many colors. And wool takes the colors so well. The black ground has a tan border, and both the ground and border have shades of yellow, burgundy, and blue. There might be a couple of more minor colors. But, the point I am trying to make is that I can go several directions with color in the future...even with the yellow and white curtains. 

I am playing with some colors that you have not seen in this room before. I am taking a cue from the rug. And the choices are a departure from what I usually use. But I think that they will work nicely for fall. 

I really like to be able to create different moods in a space with a few accessories, or switching around of accessories. Fingers crossed that this project will come together well. Do you ever hold your breath and "hope" that your plan works? I am kind of there right now.
I have more to do in the living and dining rooms, but I wanted to go ahead and début the drapes. 

Take a look at my table covered in fabric samples. 
upholstery fabrics
I am choosing fabrics for older chairs...and trying not to go nutty. I have threads all over the place from laying fabric samples here and there. 

I am like Goldie Locks. This fabric is too white. This one is too busy. This one is too thin. This one is too dark. This one is too expensive. This one fights the drapery fabric, etc. I have chosen two of the three fabrics I need for the chair project. And I put my name on the upholster's list several weeks ago. The end is near. ha! 

I am headed to Lex sometime soon and I will cruise a couple of home décor fabric shops for more samples! Choosing the right fabric for a chair is work. ha! I can make choices for others...but when it comes to making a decision for myself... I second guess everything.
Design from the floor up
Making Decisions!
Stay tuned for a few more changes. I am working on the house and consider the end of August as my deadline. Fingers crossed. We are hosting a family party for my parents 65th wedding anniversary.

I will be a busy bee for the next few weeks cleaning and finishing my decorating projects. Tick. Tock. :-) 

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