July 12, 2015

Something Unexpected

I almost named this post...Something unexpected in the bedroom, but thought maybe not! :-)  Still, there is something a little unexpected here today. My box from Pottery Barn arrived...and in it was a very bright new item for the master bedroom. 

You see, I had a wild idea / inspiration as I was browsing a Pottery Barn sale catalog. You know, those catalogs that come to your house and tempt you with the gorgeous rooms and layouts. I saw something that caught my eye. Then I went online and checked it out in more detail. The price had been slashed. I ordered it. Let's see what you think. 
The master bedroom is on the eastern side of the house and seems to have limited sunlight. Also, we painted it a restful green so it would be a quiet, calm, get away from it all sort of room. But I was itching to do something to update, to summerize, this quiet room.

Here is a peek of what I did on the corner of the bed. It has shades of orange and hot pink. The camera and light do not do this fabric justice here...as the bedroom is a hard room in which to take pics.
And here is a larger peek. 
I know, I am teasing you. :-)
I swooned over this comforter when I saw the colors and the large Ikat pattern online. Then I fretted a little bit about the decision as it is kind of wild and crazy for my very traditional bedroom. (You can see the deep rose damask on my seventies camel back sofa in the background.The sofa was originally a bright lemon jacquard damask.) But my very traditional bedroom needed a punch of something, something unexpected. Something fun!

Here it is! A crazy, bright new comforter.

Once I put the comforter on the bed, I remembered that I had a couple of orange velvet pillows that I picked up last summer. On the bed they went! Ta Da! I now have great pops of color in my master bedroom.

Here is a close up of the pattern and colors. 

I know that these colors are kind of punchy, but they add a bit of "Je ne sais quoi" to the room. With the purchase of this wild comforter I have completely summerized and punched up the master bedroom a bit. 

And you know how it goes...One thing leads to another. You start looking around the house to see what else you might have to support the color scheme. 
I found this arrangement and I put it on the dresser...but here it is with the comforter and pillow colors for you to see how the colors blend. 

And here are my pink stems, another supporting character in the summer color theme.
I have had this arrangement on my bedside table for a long time...and I think it can stay because of the pink and orange flowers.

So, what do you think? 

Could you go bright and crazy like this? 

Or maybe it is not crazy. Maybe it is just my conservative self talking. ha! I am trying to explore and find fresh new things to do for the house.

Bed Linens
I have the bed dressed in white sheets, my preference.
Then I put a white quilt on the bed, a thin summer weight one that can be washed.

Next, I added a white matlessé bedspread on top. I like something washable.

Then I added some pillows for fluff.

Lastly, I topped off the bed with the new comforter on the foot of the bed. 

I like having a light fluffy comforter on a bed even in the summer because of air conditioning. 

How nice is it too, to grab a few minutes for a nap and pull the comforter over you instead of "unmaking" the bed? :-) 

What have you done to freshen up a bedroom in your house lately? Anything wild and crazy? Have you tried a new color on the walls, or on your bed linens?

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