July 10, 2015

Small Room Cozy

I normally show you daytime pics of my home, because the lighting is better. But today I thought I would show you my "mama cave" with evening lamplight, because this is the time of day that I find the room to be relaxing. 

Evening light is softer. 

Normally, I am fussing with the lighting to better show you my accessories here and there. I am a "natural light" photographer. I hate flash. I hate artificial light. Also, I am an amateur photographer and don't know how to use some of the functions on my fancy camera. I know, I need to learn how to use it. ha! And I will. But at this stage natural light is my friend.
This photo shoot...I am just rolling with the soft yellow light. It creates a warm ambiance.

My lamp bulbs throw a yellow cast, which I normally don't like...
but it is ok for this time of the evening, 
in my cozy place.
For those of you who are first time visitors, I call the small parlor/sitting room/formal living room just off the entry my "mama cave." It is a small living room that I somehow managed to get quite a bit of furniture into when we downsized. 
The guys in the family have no interest in hanging out in the mama cave, though I do have a small tv and cd player in here. Maybe it is the white sofa or the china that puts them off?  ha!
Things look different in the evening, especially with artificial light. The play of light and shadows creates interesting still life images.
Normally I don't like the yellow glow of light bulbs in photos. But for this time it is fine. 
When I want quiet time, you can find me in the mama cave. Sometimes I just stretch out on the sofa and listen to music, or watch chick tv shows. I had a much larger living room in the Georgian, that was the center of the first floor. There is something cozy about smaller rooms that are off to the side. I like having my own quiet cozy spot, a side benefit of downsizing. 
Do you have a special place in your house or apartment where you can just get away from the normal activity of family life? A quiet spot where you can read a book? A quiet spot where you can nap on the sofa if you want to? I hope so! 

Look around to see if you have a place in your home that can be just for you. If not a whole room, maybe a corner of a room where you have a comfortable chair, table, and books...that are just for you! I think it is important to have a place where you can just have a "Calgon moment" ...without taking a bath. :-)

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