July 6, 2015

Mixing Farmhouse with Traditional

Subtitle, "Opposites Attract."

I am playing house again today! 

Let me show you what I have done.

I found a few more things that were in storage 
...so I put together a tablescape. 
I just love to play with my dishes!
I began with this rustic farmhouse table runner. 
Next I took a cue from the navy blue stripe.
 I decided to pull in my Chinoiserie bowl. 
I have not used any of my "blue and white" in the kitchen of our new house. But I wanted to give it a try. 

I mostly stick with the colors in my drapes...greens, golds, browns, etc. 

So I thought I would give the "blue and white" a try. 
Rustic farmhouse runner with traditional china...hmmm. 

I added some dark blue napkins to drive home the point with blue again.

To me, repeating colors is what gives a tablescape, a room, or  house that pulled together look. 

I thought I would add a couple of modern hurricanes 
instead of my usual traditional looking ones. 
I just wanted to switch it up a little, using the "opposites attract" theory.

Ready for tea or coffee?

I had to buy a new sugar and creamer (TJMaxx) because I still cannot find mine,
...the ones that go with my Countryside Italian china. 
Maybe mine will show up in a box somewhere. 
I hope so! 

I think I will try more blue and white in my kitchen décor. I like it.
This table runner is my first rustic farmhouse piece of table linen. Something about it said "take me home." I wasn't sure how it would mix with my traditional stuff. But I thought I would play around with it. 
I like rustic farmhouse in others' homes but I was not sure how I would like it in my home. 
With the addition of china and other dressier tid bits, I like it. My style is not really "farmhouse" or "rustic" but it is so stylish these days that I wanted to give it a try. As long as I include classic side by side with farmhouse I think I could be comfortable with it. Who knows what wild and crazy décor directions I will be going in next? 
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My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.

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