July 26, 2015

Fun With Candlesticks

The pups are looking around with confusion
...where did the chairs go?

The upholstery guy arrived and took six chairs. Some corners look empty now...but it gives me the chance to get to some dust out of the corners. ha!
I am not covering the ottoman...
and I will put it in the basement until I decide what to do with it.
The rolled up rug must get to Lexington...for repair and cleaning. 
These items are waiting to be put where they belong! ha.

Normally you see a purple floral wing chair in each corner of the mama cave, by the columns. 
They will return...with new coverings. Can't wait!

I am going to start making fun pillows (after I find more fabric) to toss all around the room on the ivory damasks. I think I will begin with blues...that go with my Chinoiserie pieces. 

I feel like since the chairs have "left the building" I can take a rest. Time to exhale. So...I plopped down in my comfy chair. This is where I blog. And this is where I tend to amass magazines, etc. 

Where?...on the coffee table, i.e. wicker chest. I also pile my devices here too. I can make quite a mess! ha!

After I sat down it occurred to me that I had not shown you my Tuesday Morning snag. You know...the place where you can go hunting for little deals. Well, I found a deal. We were in Somerset one day and I did a quick run through. I don't think I had been in Tuesday Morning since before Christmas.

It's right here on the coffee table. I have been looking at it/them all week and have not shared with you. 

Last year, or maybe the year before, I wanted three candlesticks similar to these. I saw them in a small boutique, and were fairly pricey. At least they were  more than I really wanted to pay for something that could crack and break. (I have had some bad luck with glass, pottery, ceramics, etc.) 

Anyway... I have been looking for the same style of candlesticks ever since. Bingo! And the nice thing about these is that they have an old crackled ironstone look. They may find their way to my kitchen table with some of my white dishes and ironstone. I can see it now.... 

I like candlesticks in groups of three. In fact I prefer many things in groups of three...pillows, accessory groupings, etc. But I digress...

I cleaned off the chest and took a couple of nice pics for you. But I can guarantee that my laptop, ipad, and phone will be back on the end of the chest before nightfall. We live in the great room...so it is not always picture perfect. Shoes by the door. Keys on the lamp table. You get the idea. :-)

I need to get up from my chair and continue to work around the house. My parents anniversary party will be at my house the end of August. My upholsterer promised me the chairs would be back long before then. That's a good thing!

Thanks for visiting today. 

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