July 24, 2015

Design Updates Progress Report

We are back at the front of the house today.
The Living and Dining Rooms. 

The drapes have been hung. 
And now, the fabrics have been selected for the upholstery projects. 

I am making progress!

My scraps of fabric are still on the table, 
but I have made the final decisions!
Yes, the final fabric choices.

 Here is one of the fabrics I chose.
The gold fretwork pattern will go on dining room chairs.

The light side is the "right" side.
I can't wait to see this on my Martha Washington chairs. Modern meets historic.

The purple chintz wing chairs will be covered in this ivory jacquard damask. This fabric is a naturally washed heavy cotton that seems somehow dressy and casual at the same time. I chose the ivory damask for a couple of reasons...though I was very, very tempted by some other gorgeous fabrics.

First reason...the new ivory damask fabric goes well with my ivory damask sofa, also a cotton fabric. They are both ivory...but the jacquard patterns are different. I looked at white linen, but worried that the threads were not tightly woven enough. I looked at new splashy patterns...but that would put me back into a matching situation.

Second reason...I wanted a fabric and color that would let me put many other colors with it. I want to be able to change out pillows and accessories in the "mama cave" without always thinking about what will go with those darn purple chairs from the 1990s.  So...out with the purple!
I am waiting for the ivory to arrive.

This is the third fabric and it will go on two chairs that flank my very old "family" dropleaf cherry table. It is a heavy duty upholstery fabric that I found in Bowling Green, KY. 

Hubby was with me, and he actually liked this fabric. It has colors that are in my wool rug, and holds its own against the heavy leather furniture across the room.  

The background color is gold, with shades of burgundy and red in the paisley pattern. These two chairs get a lot of use...so the "heavy duty" fabric is a good thing.

These chairs were in our Hilton Head vacation house...so the original fabric had lots of exposure to light and use. We brought the chairs home once we sold the house. The fabric did not really go with the rest of our furniture...but I didn't get motivated to recover them until now.

I draped the fabric over one chair and tucked it in to get a feel for what the chairs will look like once they are recovered. Such a different look! The pattern is very large...but the room is also large. It should be fine. 

My fingers are crossed that all of my selections will work for their respective rooms. I have studied fabrics for weeks...and at some point you just have to decide. ha!  Now...I am waiting for my upholstery guy to give me a call. 

This is the jar that followed me home from Lexington! 

Hubby spotted it...He knows me well. I walked around the store a little longer then went back to get this pretty blue and white jar.  It is not an antique, nor anything expensive. It is just another prop for me to add to my collection. I know...I said, no spending. But this was so pretty, and was such a reasonable price.  

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My Kentucky Living

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  1. Good choices Sheila. Just one question: will you leave your blue and white pottery to me in the will ? I love it. (just kidding)


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