July 30, 2015

Accessories, Jewelry for Your Home

Just as your jewelry choices can make the outfit, your home accessory choices can make the room. 

Accessories tell the story about you, whether it is pearls around your neck, or hunt prints in your room/home. 

And...some days may be rock and roll days in the way your dress, or prim and proper days. 

You may have rooms that are the same way. The kitchen and great room may be relaxed, informal rooms, while the dining room and living room may be more traditional. 

If you have an open concept home, or a downsized home you may only have one area for dining and one area for "living." 

No matter your home style, the accessories you choose tell those who enter who you are. 

Many of us have collected our accessories over a span of years. However, there may be some of you who have moved into a home and started a design style from scratch. Maybe you just want to start all over with a totally different style. Maybe you have downsized and are trying to decide what to keep and what to give away. 
Maybe you have decorated room by room...or maybe you just chose what you liked, and mixed everything together. 

Any way you style a room...you need accessories. Because, without them your room will be flat. It will not have any personality. It will not have your personality. And since it is your home it needs to reflect who you are.

Any of you who have been around me very long know that I have quite a few accessories. Most of mine have been collected over the years. When we downsized I gave, donated, and lost lots of accessories. But I still have more than anyone needs. 

I have a few very precious accessories, but I also have lots of accessories that are just simply pretty décor pieces. They are just fun to play with!

I would venture to say that by looking at my accessories you could get a sense of who I am. And what would you sense about me if I had modern prints and mid century chairs? 

I'm Just giving you another way to look at the accessories around your house. Take a walk around your living spaces and see if your rooms say what you want them to say. If not, maybe a few accessories would help. 

And those accessories can come from fancy boutiques or from bargain locations. It does not matter the pedigree of your accessory, unless it matters to you. Some people even love to have an expensive piece of crystal along side a flea market find. And that is completely fine in my view...as long as you love both. Only have what you really love in your home. I have learned that a "so-so" item has a short life and I get rid of it. These days, I do not waste my money, energy, or space. 

Sometimes I let clutter get ahead of me. I don't even want to know what you would sense about me if you saw my piles of "stuff." ha. Or you might think...I am normal. I sure hope so. Please tell me that you have piles of stuff too. Please tell me that you need to stage a room before you take pictures of it. Please. :-) ha!

My silly kitchen pig!
I bet you know this about me
...from my accessories.
I am traditional.
I love color.
I have lots of stuff.
And I have clutter too!

Go take a walk around your house.
Let it talk to you. 

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My Kentucky Living

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