July 12, 2015

A Patriotic Summer Tablescape

A Summer tablescape...
For a red, white, and blue holiday!

I have lots of blue and white in my house, 
but not much red.
So when I look to add some red for any holiday or summer table I turn to my red placemats. They work for Christmas, Valentines, Memorial, and 4th of July holidays. Did I leave one out? I have a red tablecloth, red ribbon, and a red tray, and that is about the extent of red decor items I own. 
These placemats sure have earned their keep. 
They were/are more expensive than most of my other placemats, but seem to be worth it.
They have a sturdy woven texture. 
And, they wash nicely.
I picked up these Bon Appetit tea towels, because, well, I like cute tea towels, and I am a French teacher.  

When I lived with a French family they used tea towels in the place of napkins. I have later thought what a great idea. Tea towels wash and fold nicely, whereas napkins need to be ironed. At least mine do.
My family would fold their tea towel and leave it at their place setting for the next meal. After the evening meal it would disappear. So, maybe this idea would work for you. I use tea towels at the table too, but I just have a thing for tea towels. ha!
I also have several colors of cloth napkins. 
Love using them too. 

Some folks prefer using cloth over paper napkins for ecology reasons. I understand that we want to save as many trees as possible by not using disposable paper products, but consider this too. I am thinking that when I use cloth napkins and tea towels that I have to wash them, which uses water, soap, electricty (to run the washer & dryer), etc.  So...decisions, decisions, decisions!
Just do what you like. I think it will be ok.
Here is an example of why I love white plates!
First, they go with any color scheme.
Second, I like to collect cute salad plates 
and they can be placed on white dinner plates.
Third, they work great when stacking.

I have inexpensive TJMaxx white plates that I can be used daily, with large crowds, or be taken outside. If one breaks...no big deal. They are just plain porcelain plates. I can easily pick up another four-pack. I am not big on the idea of using my Mikasa, or other china outside. 

This is an Oneida Moda pattern fork. 
I like its simple modern look. 
It is a nice hefty pattern that balances well in the hand.
The salad plate is RL. When I saw the blue and white I knew immediately that I needed a few. I think it is just fine to mix high with low. Expensive with inexpensive. It just works... like using traditional with, maybe, farmhouse style. Mixed correctly...it works.
I set the table for two...since we are empty nesters. (boohoo. I still miss having kids around the house.)
Believe it or not...the blue linen napkins have been with me since 1973, the year we married. Wow...long time. ha!

My blue and white chinoiserie bowl makes another appearance. It moves all over the house, and stars in lots of my photos.

The blue and white sponged salad bowl is another oldie from way back.

As the French say, Bon Appetit.

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My Kentucky Living

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