July 31, 2015

Do You Have A Minute?

Do you have a minute?
I want to take a minute, or two, to tell you about an addition to the blog. 

I am always trying to tweak the blog...
as I learn how to add new technology and such to help you, my reader. 

This week, I finally learned how to add a sitemap to the blog. Whew! ...and it seems to work. Not bad for someone who was a kid when President Eisenhower was in office. ha! 

I wanted to give you a way to find other blog posts. I have so many older posts with pics and info that just sit there...getting dusty. They are lonely, and want to see the light of day again.

There are posts that had a week of glory and then were forgotten about. boohoo. (ha!)

The sitemap is located up top with all of the other pages....just under the blog header. The posts are listed alphabetically by topic/label.

Here is what things look like on the Sitemap page. There is a label, with the titles of posts that fall into that category.

  1. Blue and White in My Life
  2. Traditional Design...With a Twist
  3. My Favorite Floral Arrangement
  4. Start With the Floor - New!
  5. Transforming A Vase into a Hurricane
  1. Blue and White in My Life
  2. Loving these Traditional Designs
  3. My Favorite Floral Arrangement
  1. Traditional Design Details: King Charles Spaniels
  1. A Return to Traditional Design

I hope this gives you an easier way to stay and linger a little longer on the blog. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and visit with me. 

And...let us celebrate the fact that I was able to incorporate this bit of HTML code into my blog! Woohoo! I did it for you! ha!

We visited Bowling Green today and had lunch and ran a couple of errands. I found a dress to wear for the anniversary party...so that is a good thing! You all know how hard it is to find a dress!

Normally I have such a hard time finding a dress "when I go looking." You too? So, since I was "not looking" for a dress, I found one. Yea! It is comfortable and will be easy to wear for hostessing. Talbots petites (I am short!) came through once again. The Bowling Green Talbots ladies are so helpful and friendly. And they were having 50% off of the already reduced items! I did not need anything else...but if you find yourself near a Talbots this weekend, have fun!

While still very hot outside here in Kentucky, the humidity is down just a little. There were blue skies all day.  We have had a very rainy summer...so sunshine and blue skies are tres bon!

I hope your weekend is just the way you want it!

Thanks for visiting.

(*I found this little clock at TJ Maxx a few months ago.  For some reason...I/we love clocks.) 

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July 30, 2015

Accessories, Jewelry for Your Home

Just as your jewelry choices can make the outfit, your home accessory choices can make the room. 

Accessories tell the story about you, whether it is pearls around your neck, or hunt prints in your room/home. 

And...some days may be rock and roll days in the way your dress, or prim and proper days. 

You may have rooms that are the same way. The kitchen and great room may be relaxed, informal rooms, while the dining room and living room may be more traditional. 

If you have an open concept home, or a downsized home you may only have one area for dining and one area for "living." 

No matter your home style, the accessories you choose tell those who enter who you are. 

Many of us have collected our accessories over a span of years. However, there may be some of you who have moved into a home and started a design style from scratch. Maybe you just want to start all over with a totally different style. Maybe you have downsized and are trying to decide what to keep and what to give away. 
Maybe you have decorated room by room...or maybe you just chose what you liked, and mixed everything together. 

Any way you style a room...you need accessories. Because, without them your room will be flat. It will not have any personality. It will not have your personality. And since it is your home it needs to reflect who you are.

Any of you who have been around me very long know that I have quite a few accessories. Most of mine have been collected over the years. When we downsized I gave, donated, and lost lots of accessories. But I still have more than anyone needs. 

I have a few very precious accessories, but I also have lots of accessories that are just simply pretty décor pieces. They are just fun to play with!

I would venture to say that by looking at my accessories you could get a sense of who I am. And what would you sense about me if I had modern prints and mid century chairs? 

I'm Just giving you another way to look at the accessories around your house. Take a walk around your living spaces and see if your rooms say what you want them to say. If not, maybe a few accessories would help. 

And those accessories can come from fancy boutiques or from bargain locations. It does not matter the pedigree of your accessory, unless it matters to you. Some people even love to have an expensive piece of crystal along side a flea market find. And that is completely fine in my view...as long as you love both. Only have what you really love in your home. I have learned that a "so-so" item has a short life and I get rid of it. These days, I do not waste my money, energy, or space. 

Sometimes I let clutter get ahead of me. I don't even want to know what you would sense about me if you saw my piles of "stuff." ha. Or you might think...I am normal. I sure hope so. Please tell me that you have piles of stuff too. Please tell me that you need to stage a room before you take pictures of it. Please. :-) ha!

My silly kitchen pig!
I bet you know this about me
...from my accessories.
I am traditional.
I love color.
I have lots of stuff.
And I have clutter too!

Go take a walk around your house.
Let it talk to you. 

Thanks for Visiting.

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July 29, 2015

Remembering Our Golden, Mikey

To be Loved by a Dog.
 Remembering Our Golden, Mikey

It has been a few weeks since our sweet golden left us, or should I say that we told him good-by to let him pass on to a place with no pain, where he could run and play like he used to. He crossed the Rainbow Bridge.That's what I choose to believe anyway. We will catch up with you later.
The tears have dried up
...but we are still missing our boy Mikey.
Every day we remember some little something that he did. 
He made us smile every day! 

It has been different trying to adjust to a life without our fuzzy buddy. He was with us for twelve years, and was a part of the family. He stole the hearts of all of us...and those who visited for awhile too. Mikey was always wanting to shake paws, or have his head scratched, or have his belly rubbed. As he got older he loved his naps too. 
He loved to relax on the soft rug and wait for some movement of a family member. Then he was up on all fours with his tail wagging and ears rotated into alert position. We learned his body language and I guess he learned ours too. He would go to the back door and put his nose to the handle to indicated that he wanted "out." Smart boy. Or at least that is what we were able to learn. He may have thought we were slow learners...but we tried! ha!
The next three pictures are Mikey out in our front yard the Summer of 2014. He was a pretty young eleven year old! 

He remained playful to the end. 
He tried and tried, despite his body's betrayal.
He would lay in his yard under the tree and watch neighborhood kids ride their bikes or stroll from house to house. He learned the sound of the school bus too. He used to wake us every morning at school bus time. Ugh! We would tell him that no one in his house rode the big yellow bus. After a couple of years he sort of shrugged off the big yellow bus. But he would still wake up and make a half bark or two then go back to sleep.
Mikey was a lover and not a fighter. 
He was no guard dog for sure. 
Well, he would bark. 
But if you opened the door...he would hang back. Like..."hey I just told you to look. 
But I am not going out there." 
He quickly went behind you.
If you have a male dog you probably know about how they like to mark their territory. Well, Mikey was no different. When our son comes home he often washes his car and motorcycle...as his apartment does not have a good place. Mikey loved to lay out in the driveway to supervise car washing. Then after all had a good scrubbing...Mikey would trot over to a wheel, raise his leg, then squirt. It went on and on. Then if another dog went by the house and marked over Mikey's scent...then Mikey would trot around the yard marking his trees, wheels, etc. again. It was a constant cycle.
This boy was as sweet and gentle as they come. He was a huge old boy...and had a few extra pounds from time to time. But he was our sweetheart. He would let little children poke him, pat him, and rub him...and he would just stand there. He loved it.  

Mikey had attention span issues...especially when food was involved. Our daughter once said that Mikey needed a sign that said..."Will sell soul for food." He was highly motivated by any kind of food. Well most food. He had some that he did not like. We tried to be very selective about his food intake...but he would usually sneak a bite or two from someone after we finished dinner. We would say he is definitely a southern dog. He loved little bits of our barbecue, cornbread, etc. Sometimes he would lay on the floor under the kitchen table...just waiting for crumbs to land as we ate dinner. He was had such a positive outlook. He was always hopeful that a yummy bite would make its way to his mouth. 
The picture above and below show Mikey when he was losing mobility in his hind legs. I know he had to be confused. How could he understand that he could no longer walk...when just a few weeks ago he was trotting up the driveway and jogging around the yard. We too had trouble understanding it. 

Mikey had a very rough two to three weeks at the end. He got to the point where we could not get him up to go outside to do his necessary business. It was devastating to him and us. The time came for us to make a very difficult decision....one where we had to put our selfishness of keeping him with us aside. Oh the tears! I do not cry like I did...but sometimes I still get very lonely for our Mr. Mikey. (We had so many terms of endearment for Mikey.) Of course he will be in our hearts forever.
I wake in the morning and sometimes I almost think..Where is Mikey? When we come home and drive up the driveway I start to think that Mikey will bounce around the corner to greet us. We had some big storms last week and hearing the thunder reminded us of Mikey. He would try to climb up in his papa's lap for reassurance that the heavens were not falling. Oh and speaking of sounds...He especially did not like fireworks. No. No. No.

Mikey's ashes are home on his hill with us now. Some of you may question this. But my parents had Sam, Mikey's brother, cremated when he passed away a couple of years ago.  So we got the idea to do that too. When we lived on the farm we buried our previous dog. And then we moved, and had to leave Duke. My guys felt like they were abandoning a family member. But it had to be. This time, we chose to have Mikey cremated. I think my guys get a degree of comfort knowing that Mikey is back home. His ashes are in a beautifully carved wooden box. 
Not knowing that the ashes would already be boxed...hubby ordered a memorial container for Mikey's ashes. So, we just put that container on the huntboard and have his box of ashes on another chest. Hubby had these words engraved on the memorial..."The most gentle soul we ever knew." (I hope that after I am gone someone can say that about me.)
Mikey's mother was Lady. His father was Major. Our son's middle name is Michael. We came up with Lady Sheila's Major Mike E for his registration papers. So he became Mikey! And a sweet Mikey he was. 

One of his early vets called him Mike. Mikey would not respond. I reminded the vet that his name was Mikey. So the vet called him Mikey, and Mikey responded. Mikey knew his name...even if that vet did not. ha! 

The house sure is quiet and clean these days. 

We are not getting some of our daily exercise because of a little game Mikey loved to play. Those of you who are dog parents know about this game... It's called...Let the dog in. Let the dog out. So you can Let the dog in again. Day in and day out. ha!
Mikey gave all of himself to us. He held back nothing. Every day he was pleasant...and ready to do his job of being a companion to a couple of empty nesters! We miss him so much.

While Mikey was not a trained therapy dog...he served as a therapist in our house. Hugging a huge furry pup like Mikey can cure what ails you. I used to rest/rub my feet on Mikey when I was sitting in my blogging chair. Mikey loved the massage and I loved the warmth from his body. Sometimes his therapy was just being there with his person. It was a win win for human and dog.  

Hubby washed all of Mikey's dog toys, and his favorite old blanket. They have been put in a tub with Mikey's name for safe keeping. We just are not ready to give anything away just yet. I guess we are hanging on to the memories.

Mikey's favorite old blanket was about a yard of fleece that our daughter gave him one Christmas...because Mikey loved fuzzy things. Toys, towels, blankets, etc.  Mikey carried that blanket around like a two year old with his security blanket. If the blanket got messed up during the day, then at some point Mikey would bring the blanket to us to lay flat next to his papa's chair. 

Mikey was the kindest soul we knew! If more people could have some of the character traits of goldens...the would would be a better place. :-) In fact...more people would adopt the "golden rules" as their behavior style. Love. Be kind to one another. etc. 

As I talk about goldens...it reminds me of a book that my brother gave me. It is about Trixie, the golden, and the quality of life that she gave to her humans. 

Trixie was a service dog, but had to have surgery and could no longer perform her job. She had to retire, at which time she was adopted by a family who loved her so very much.

Unfortunately Trixie died, like all of our fur babies seem to do. It is a wonderfully sensitive book about a loving golden retriever. If you have, or had, a golden, and fell hard for the breed... you will love Trixie and her antics. 

I have absolutely no affiliation with the book, the writer, or the publisher. I just want to share this with you in case you might be interested.
Life is Good by Trixie Koontz, and Dean Koontz.

I am keeping my interest in goldens going by following a group of golden retrievers that were rescued by an Atlanta, GA area rescue, Adopt a Golden Atlanta organization. The dogs were in horrible shape when they were brought from Turkey. They were bathed, groomed, treated for medical issues, and now they are being adopted one by one. They even went back and rescued another fifteen goldens. If you would like to follow the story you can find them on Facebook
Also,The story on USA Today. 
Plus, Another group of goldens from Turkey.

To be loved by a dog, is very, very special.

Thanks for visiting,

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July 26, 2015

Fun With Candlesticks

The pups are looking around with confusion
...where did the chairs go?

The upholstery guy arrived and took six chairs. Some corners look empty now...but it gives me the chance to get to some dust out of the corners. ha!
I am not covering the ottoman...
and I will put it in the basement until I decide what to do with it.
The rolled up rug must get to Lexington...for repair and cleaning. 
These items are waiting to be put where they belong! ha.

Normally you see a purple floral wing chair in each corner of the mama cave, by the columns. 
They will return...with new coverings. Can't wait!

I am going to start making fun pillows (after I find more fabric) to toss all around the room on the ivory damasks. I think I will begin with blues...that go with my Chinoiserie pieces. 

I feel like since the chairs have "left the building" I can take a rest. Time to exhale. So...I plopped down in my comfy chair. This is where I blog. And this is where I tend to amass magazines, etc. 

Where?...on the coffee table, i.e. wicker chest. I also pile my devices here too. I can make quite a mess! ha!

After I sat down it occurred to me that I had not shown you my Tuesday Morning snag. You know...the place where you can go hunting for little deals. Well, I found a deal. We were in Somerset one day and I did a quick run through. I don't think I had been in Tuesday Morning since before Christmas.

It's right here on the coffee table. I have been looking at it/them all week and have not shared with you. 

Last year, or maybe the year before, I wanted three candlesticks similar to these. I saw them in a small boutique, and were fairly pricey. At least they were  more than I really wanted to pay for something that could crack and break. (I have had some bad luck with glass, pottery, ceramics, etc.) 

Anyway... I have been looking for the same style of candlesticks ever since. Bingo! And the nice thing about these is that they have an old crackled ironstone look. They may find their way to my kitchen table with some of my white dishes and ironstone. I can see it now.... 

I like candlesticks in groups of three. In fact I prefer many things in groups of three...pillows, accessory groupings, etc. But I digress...

I cleaned off the chest and took a couple of nice pics for you. But I can guarantee that my laptop, ipad, and phone will be back on the end of the chest before nightfall. We live in the great room...so it is not always picture perfect. Shoes by the door. Keys on the lamp table. You get the idea. :-)

I need to get up from my chair and continue to work around the house. My parents anniversary party will be at my house the end of August. My upholsterer promised me the chairs would be back long before then. That's a good thing!

Thanks for visiting today. 

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July 24, 2015

Design Updates Progress Report

We are back at the front of the house today.
The Living and Dining Rooms. 

The drapes have been hung. 
And now, the fabrics have been selected for the upholstery projects. 

I am making progress!

My scraps of fabric are still on the table, 
but I have made the final decisions!
Yes, the final fabric choices.

 Here is one of the fabrics I chose.
The gold fretwork pattern will go on dining room chairs.

The light side is the "right" side.
I can't wait to see this on my Martha Washington chairs. Modern meets historic.

The purple chintz wing chairs will be covered in this ivory jacquard damask. This fabric is a naturally washed heavy cotton that seems somehow dressy and casual at the same time. I chose the ivory damask for a couple of reasons...though I was very, very tempted by some other gorgeous fabrics.

First reason...the new ivory damask fabric goes well with my ivory damask sofa, also a cotton fabric. They are both ivory...but the jacquard patterns are different. I looked at white linen, but worried that the threads were not tightly woven enough. I looked at new splashy patterns...but that would put me back into a matching situation.

Second reason...I wanted a fabric and color that would let me put many other colors with it. I want to be able to change out pillows and accessories in the "mama cave" without always thinking about what will go with those darn purple chairs from the 1990s.  So...out with the purple!
I am waiting for the ivory to arrive.

This is the third fabric and it will go on two chairs that flank my very old "family" dropleaf cherry table. It is a heavy duty upholstery fabric that I found in Bowling Green, KY. 

Hubby was with me, and he actually liked this fabric. It has colors that are in my wool rug, and holds its own against the heavy leather furniture across the room.  

The background color is gold, with shades of burgundy and red in the paisley pattern. These two chairs get a lot of use...so the "heavy duty" fabric is a good thing.

These chairs were in our Hilton Head vacation house...so the original fabric had lots of exposure to light and use. We brought the chairs home once we sold the house. The fabric did not really go with the rest of our furniture...but I didn't get motivated to recover them until now.

I draped the fabric over one chair and tucked it in to get a feel for what the chairs will look like once they are recovered. Such a different look! The pattern is very large...but the room is also large. It should be fine. 

My fingers are crossed that all of my selections will work for their respective rooms. I have studied fabrics for weeks...and at some point you just have to decide. ha!  Now...I am waiting for my upholstery guy to give me a call. 

This is the jar that followed me home from Lexington! 

Hubby spotted it...He knows me well. I walked around the store a little longer then went back to get this pretty blue and white jar.  It is not an antique, nor anything expensive. It is just another prop for me to add to my collection. I know...I said, no spending. But this was so pretty, and was such a reasonable price.  

Thanks for visiting...

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