June 15, 2015

Touches of Black & Brass

Williamsburg Brass Candlesticks
After locating my Williamsburg brass candlesticks and equestrian placemats I was motivated to put together a new tablescape on the kitchen table. I love this old table...it is just the right size for the dining area. Also, I love to create new looks for my table. I guess this is why I do what I do...and then blog about it.
Traditional, Brass, Chinoiserie
I tend to go with an understated look 
on my dining tables...especially in the kitchen. 
Here, I am using a centerpiece, 2 brass candlesticks, and 4 placemats/boards. 
It is so simple that it is almost colonial looking.
It is easy for me to use touches of black in my kitchen 
because we have black countertops
...but I also use lots of black around the house here and there. 
With black being a neutral...I can slip it in lots of places.
Love how my black chairs play in the kitchen!

My placemats have a black border
...so another touch of black. 
I like black as an accent color with my Ben Moore Westminster Gold paint. 
Williamsburg Brass
And I love using my old brass with 
Westminster Gold, and black.

Traditional tablescape

I took pics of my equestrian placemats so that you could see the colors and details. 
Notice the golds and blacks along with the other colors. I love these mats as they remind me of Keenland race track in Lexington.

 While I like my blue and white bowl as a centerpiece...I remembered that I have this black and gold planter, so I brought it to the table to see how it would look.
I think it works!
I put a few bunches of faux grass in it...
I like the way the green works with the colors in the placemats. 
You can see the wall gallery in the greatroom in this pic. 
I framed our prints with black and gold  and also used black mats around them. 
Here you can see the paint technique that was done on the metal planter.

The sprigs of green grass go well with my drapes...
because they also have sprigs of green grass. 
Repeating elements/colors contributes to a pulled together look.
I also just noticed that both the candlesticks and the planter have similar "feet."
Williamsburg Brass
Brass. Black. Gold. Green. Equestrian. Chinoiserie.
I Love they way they work together! 

Thank You
I want to thank everyone who has been so kind sending me wonderfully caring messages about Mikey. (pronounced Mike+E) My blog readers, and others, are so kind and generous of spirit. To you, thank you so, so much. Reading your messages showed me how caring and loving you are. You shared your heartbreak of losing your loving pets too. Of course, they are really family members! That's what makes the loss so hard. 

We are still grieving over our big ball of golden fluff with the huge heart. We have cried it out...I think...and just brought his ashes home, to the place he loved. He loved his hill, the children who visited him, and his family. He was wildly popular in our neighborhood and community.

I only hope that I am half the person my dog thinks I am. Sheila
 RIP Mikey   May 2003 - June 2015
He has crossed the Rainbow Bridge!
Golden Retriever with DM

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