June 23, 2015

This and That Tray

You all know that I am always changing up tabletops...I just can't help myself. I like to tinker. You have probably seen a couple of things before, but not in this particular mix. 
I started with a couple of stacking wood trays, and placed my hurricane/vase on it. Then I placed my gold washed piece of pottery on it. 
Creating a vignette is about layering and mixing what looks good to your eye. Next I added two faux greenery balls. 

I have to tell you...these greenery balls have been workhorses around my house. I place them on urns, or in baskets with faux fruit, etc. I have a third one...but it is in another arrangement at the moment.
I added a wicker ball for additional texture...and to go with the rustic wood trays and wicker chest. Repeating textures is something I like to do when creating my arrangements. 
It is really simple to create vignettes on trays...In fact my favorite way to begin a vignette is with a tray. The tray can set the mood for the arrangement...depending on if it is dark and textured like the one I have used here, or if it is a mirrored silver tray, or if it is a brightly colored plastic tray. Try it for fun! The style possibilities are endless. 
I am always working on ideas in the great room...maybe because it does not have a lot of light. The leather sofa along with the chenille leopard pillows are dark, and the rug is dark, and the wicker is dark.  You get the idea. 

So...for this arrangement it seemed like a good idea to include the gold and green touches to counterbalance all of the dark. The hurricane brings some shiny to the party, along with the brushed gold pot. Note that I also have some sand and crushed shells in the base of the hurricane...more texture. 

Look at the above pic and notice the triangle I made with the greenery balls and the wicker ball. I like to have triangles in arrangements for balance, as painters like to have triangles in their paintings, and as florists create triangles in floral arrangements. Try adding some "triangles" to your vignettes if you are not already doing it. 

Presto chango...a simple new look for the wicker chest. (please ignore my reflection though. ha!)

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