June 8, 2015

Safavieh in the Great Room

In May we discovered that one of our really good wool rugs was in need of repair along the outer edge. I am thinking that my super suction vacuum cleaner and beater bar had something to do with the damage. Anyway, the rug had to be rolled up to send out for repair. 

There are still lots of fuzzzies on the rug...even after vacuuming it a few times.
I went in search of a less expensive rug that would cover my hardwood floor in the greatroom, and protect it from Mkey. I was not looking for a hand knotted rug with a zillion knots per inch. I just wanted to find something that would look nice and go with the colors and furnishings in the great room. 

I am happy with the results of my labored search. Shopping for a rug online is not the best way ...but I was pulled in with deals, and coupons, and an additional percentage off code. I looked for days and days. I narrowed down the list to three rugs. 

One rug was eliminated when reviews said that the secondary colors in the rug were green. While I like green...I did not want that for this room. I wanted a rug with a black ground and lots of caramel, gold, and amber. In other words...I needed a rug that would match our house and Mikey (the golden.)

Then, one day I found an email showing that the rug I had put in my cart (to think about) had been reduced about another one hundred dollars. Ok...I just might get into liking this rug the best. 

I placed my order and had a notification that it had been picked up by FedEx in California. I watched the shipping updates as the rug made it's way across the country through Oklahoma, down to Nashville, then to Bowling Green,KY. 

The colors in the rug change based on the light source...natural light vs. electric bulbs. 
The rug was delivered to my house on Friday after lunch. I spent the next couple of hours checking it over for any flaws, then placing it in the correct position, vacuuming it, then turning it, and finally putting the other pieces of furniture on top. 

Here is Mikey on the new rug. I think he has given it his seal of approval. 

Besides black and caramel, the rug I chose has touches of blue, a coral-ish hue, and maybe a bit of burnt orange. It looks great on the floor, and in the room.

Mikey is not feeling the best these days. He has developed a mobility problem from osteoarthritis in his right hip. It is so hard to watch him struggle. He has a doggie nsaid, but looks like we will be visiting his vet again this week. 

If you could give Mikey a "virtual" hug it might put a smile on his face and a "wag" back in his tail. We are silly in love with this pooch...and hate to see him like this. He has been a part of our family for twelve good years, and has served his family well. I call him the family therapist. He can zap a person out of a bad mood faster than a chocolate bar. 

Mikey is a sweet soul, and one of God's nicest creatures. The unconditional love that this guy has doled out over the years cannot be measured. His sweet and loving disposition is just remarkable. 

If you are interested in a rug like this...Safavieh Handmade Heritage Kerman Black/ Gold Wool Rug (9' x 12')  I am pleased with it and have been told that it looks great. 

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