June 3, 2015

Loving these Traditional Designs

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I am still looking at inspiration photos for some potential updates in my house. (I love looking at pictures of beautiful rooms!) This time I was browsing Traditional Home online looking at rooms, colors, and fabrics. Here are some of my favorite inspiration photos. 

The examples are colorful and pack a punch, so get ready to blink. We tend to think of traditional as safe, quiet, and predictable. But these examples shake up those safe, quiet, predictable concepts.

I love these upholstered deep pink/rose chairs! In fact I may see if I can find this actual fabric. I am not a fan of the drapery fabric...but I appreciate the concept of bright and bold. With such bold chair fabric I think I would choose a softer fabric color or design for drapes in order to not compete with the chairs.

This bedroom is softer, but still there is color.
Overall the room is quiet and looks like a nice place to take a nap! I like it.

This bedroom has the color on the walls and neutral bed linens. The headboard fabric and lamp marry the two bold colors. This blue is a really bright pop of color. The artwork is equally bright. And this brings up a point that I learned in a design class: keep your colors in the same color "value." In other words, if you use a pastel, the other colors in the room should also be pastel. If you use deep color on something...then the other things in the room should also be a deep color of the same value. You probably already know this...but if not, start looking around at rooms and check to see. 

Could you live with this bold yellow designer "statement"room? I included this pic just to show that traditional design can have a wild and crazy side....and still be considered "traditional." The design spectrum for traditional is wide, and accommodates lots of individual creativity. 

This dining room is a little more restrained...but still has color. The Chinoiserie on the sideboard repeat the blue used on the chair seats.

I included this blue leather wing back chair because while the shape is a classic...powder blue leather is a little unexpected. And a little "unexpected" is what lets traditional still be fresh and a bit modern. Timeless and timely at the same time! :-)


While I am on strong colors, what do you think of this strong pop of blue in this historic/period styled room. The furniture is of an older style, and the chairs are even wearing a traditional damask fabric. There is a wool type oriental  rug on the floor and traditional window coverings. Everything points to classic traditional style, until the vibrant walls are considered! The pop of bright blue seems to say modern, fresh! I have been seeing lots of blue lately...so I guess it is a new trend/color of interest right now.

I am going to take a side step about paint colors for a few minutes here. The bright blue walls reminded me of an article I saw about the original paint colors used in George Washington's Mount Vernon. The pictures showed bright blue, bright green, and a strong yellow. So, the early Georgian houses used brighter colors too! (And that is right down my alley.)


Above is the large dining room of Mount Vernon, and below is the smaller more intimate dining room.

Here is the first floor plan of Mount Vernon.

I found this sample of paint colors based on the ones used at Mount Vernon. I saw recently that a blue room has been returned to its yellow after some historic records were found indicating that the room had been bright yellow at one time. 
When I ran across this dining room photo from Atlanta Homes magazine online it occurred to me that this could be an updated version of a classic Georgian. The side chairs are Chippendale style and the dining table appears to be a double pedestal of fine wood...a popular traditional style table. Look closer and you will see some blue and white Chinoiserie on the sideboard. The mirror and crystal chandelier may or may not be antiques...but they create a dressy Georgian style. What is it that makes this room a fresh version of traditional? Slip covered chairs? Paint color? Drapes? Artwork? It is hard to put my finger on it...but this traditional dining room comes across fresh and up to date to me. Everything contributes to the whole fabulous picture!  

Compare to this historic version of traditional.

I think you might prefer the updated version better...unless you prefer your "traditional" to be more historically accurate as for the more northeastern colonies/states. For me, I like the more colorful, fun look of traditional style. I have fun mixing my love of Georgian and Federal styles of furniture with fun/brighter colors and fabrics. 

Below is a picture that is similar to my old Georgian's living room. We did not have the shelving trimmed out exactly the same...but the layout of the center fireplace flanked by shelves was the same. I had a lemon yellow Chippendale sofa, a similar tea table, and a less ornate secretary. My walls were also yellow with white painted trim. And my drapes were yellow too! 

I hope these examples have given you some inspiration if you are thinking of updating your traditional style. 

Do not be afraid of color, whether it is on the walls or on your fabrics. Do not be afraid to infuse some creative style into your own version of traditional. 

I think that today the fashion is to do what you love...and be happy and confident with your style. 

I like to see rooms to see what ideas I might use in my home.

Remember that something "unexpected" can take your room from just pretty to fabulous! It might be a single piece of artwork, or a bold wall color, or bold upholstery fabric. The choice is yours. Your home interior is your own art project! Have fun with it!

How do you feel about strong colors? Do you like colorful walls? Or do you prefer your color in fabric, or artwork? Just something to think about. I would love to know your thoughts on the use of color.

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