June 28, 2015

Lighting A Corner of the Dining Room

Today I am sharing a corner of my dining room. 
I am working on a lighting issue in there. 

Since we do not use the formal dining room a lot these days, it sits like a black hole. And moi, being one who preached to our kids...turn off the lights when you are not in the room... Well, I hate to leave lights on for no reason. I know that there are new fancy bulbs that run on a few pennies a day, but I have not explored those options yet. I will. I promise.

 Anyway...I added this small RL lamp to have some light in the room at night, without turning on the overhead lighting. The dining room is on the front of the house and we live on the back side of the house, so the front is "dark" at night. I think this little lamp will put a bit light in the room... for passersby. It only uses a 40 watt bulb...so I should be ok on the pennies issue. 

I added a couple of other blue items since I have them. My wool rug has a dark navy ground also. The dining room in the old Georgian had dark navy walls with white wainscoting and white trim. I still love dark blue! Cobalt. Indigo. Sapphire. Royal. Love. 

I am working on bringing more dark blue into the more formal front side of the house. It is a work in progress though. 

I use pine cones almost year round. I live around lots of trees...so I think it is fitting to decorate with my pine cones year round. I like their natural texture and the way they contrast with china and fine woods. 

My lowboy was a gift from hubby on our 14th wedding anniversary. 
Wow...have I had it that long? 
We celebrated our 43rd anniversary earlier in June! 

I still love the detailed carving...

My old Council Craftsman pieces are still in wonderful condition. If you can purchase quality the first time...you only have to buy once. . 

Here is a sneak peek at another project. 

I had these drapery panels remade for windows in our new house. 

Once I find the window hardware these panels will be hung.

I know they are in our stuff somewhere!

The rod, finials, brackets, etc. are too expensive to re-purchase. 

So...I will wait until I find them.

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the dining room today.

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