June 6, 2015

Chilling on the Porch

I hope you are having a great weekend!  

We are not doing anything special this weekend other than staying near Mikey since his right rear leg and hip are not doing well. Many of you are interested in Mikey...and, well, he is not doing the best. It saddens us that he is having mobility issues with his osteoarthritis problem. The vet gave us a perscription for doggie nsaid. We will keep him as comfortable as possible. Injections may be in the future. :-)  I will give him extra hugs for you.

With more and more warm (and humid) days we gravitate to the back porch. I have been slow about getting my back porch "company" ready, but I am on my way to closing in on the project. I need to plant more flowers and clean off a bit of clutter... then I will be happy. It seems the back porch catches lots of things...from pruning shears to dirty sneakers. I am really glad that I do not have neighbors close enough to me to see the things that get left on the porch...to be put away eventually. :-)

I have a few flowers and ferns so far.

Mikey likes to take naps by the ferns for some reason. 

Hubby scrubbed all of the chairs and cushions a couple of weeks ago. That helped me a lot!

I cleaned and polished the wood rockers. I am still using my bright orange rug from last year. It is a Better Homes and Gardens from, yes, WalMart. I just wanted a small rug to sit under the wood rockers because the rough concrete is too hard on the wood. These rockers get quite a bit of use!

The brightly colored bird chime is one of the last few nick knacks from our beach house days. There was an island gift shop at Coligny Circle (Hilton Head) that had all sorts of Jimmy Buffet type souvenirs. Someone in my family thought this bird was a great prize. :-) Anyway, he chimes as one rocks! Not so sure Mikey likes all of the racket.

I ran across these teal and blue pillows in the basement and put them on the chairs for back support. I know that the blue and orange are kind of punchy...but just using what I already have for now. I saw that the blue hurricane was almost the same color...so here we go, a somewhat coordinated look! I like to have my porch looking pretty...like an outdoor room. (The big problem is that when we bring items from storage they are plopped down on the back porch...and this will go on a little longer until our unit is empty!) 

Our porch gets the morning sun...so it is just right for afternoon and evening "sitting" in the shade. 

I have a citronella candle down inside this flower pot...to better protect a resident canine's nose.

Mikey loves the back porch because of the breezes, and I agree with him on that. Our porch is long and narrow and our house sits on a bit of a hill...so, we have wonderful breezes even on the hottest of days.

I feel certain that many of you understand this sign all too well! But we love our fur babies anyway! 

I run my older vacuum cleaner on the outdoor rug to get the dog fur, leaves, and whatever else might find its way there. Keeping clutter off of the back porch is always an ongoing job too. 

I have not really dressed the porch dining table for the summer, but I will, and when I do I will be sure to share. 

Just off of the porch is a volunteer pumpkin vine(s). I had a fall pumpkin that fell off of the porch and I just left it to biodegrade into the yard. Well, now I have the start of some vines. I have to decide to keep them and hope for pumpkins in the fall, or chop off the vines for the sake of having a pretty porch area. The yard is just an eight or nine inch drop from the porch. Right now I am protecting the vines from the lawn mower. 


If you want pumpkins next year...save your old jack o lantern seeds and put some dirt over them in a corner of your yard...Not up by your porch! I did not "plant" these seeds. They just sprouted on their own. 

I hope that where you live the days are warming up and that you are starting to enjoy the outdoors. We had quite a winter here in Kentucky...so I was delighted when warmer days came. 

Wherever you are, I hope you have a porch, a patio, or a balcony that you can dress with some flowers and a chair or two and just "chill" with a glass of sweet tea and a good book. 

Thanks for visiting.

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