May 9, 2015

Without Children We Would Not Be Mothers

May 9, 2015

...And without mothers where would children be?

It's kind of hard to guess...but they might be in mud puddles, or dirt piles, or in mom's lipstick or pulling pots and pans out of the cabinet.

Children...they bear watching! Turn your back for a few seconds and bingo, they find something to get into that makes a mess. None of this was in the baby manual.

The crazy takes a back seat to the wonderfulness of babies though. I remember loving how my babies smelled, how soft their skin was, how their eyes followed mine, how they curled up in my arms, and how they would stop crying when I picked them up. I was their world!

I started baby books for my two children. You know...age, weight, a place for the birthday pics, etc. Well, I included the hospital bracelets, and the hospital bill. I know, weird. It was in there with the baby cards and such. My joke was...when one of my kids did something totally off the wall...well, it has been too long, I cannot return you to the baby hospital now! :-)

Son showing daughter how to do something under the hood of her car. 
I can proudly say that I have survived motherhood for over thirty-five years. In looking back I just cannot believe that my two babies are all grown up and managing their own lives. They are adults! When did this happen?

I came to the conclusion that babies enter the world with their own little personalities in tact. And they work really hard to train us. I have heard it said that we learn on the first child what "not" to do with the second, third, etc. We stopped at two!  We had our hands full with those two little people with "personality" plus!

My kiddos are twenty-five months apart and went through the ages and stages of growing up together. We made it through diapers and sleepless nights...and finally caught up. I think anyway. Then we entered what I call the adolescent tunnel, which wrapped up with high school graduation, then college graduation.

I cried like a baby when my daughter graduated from college. (yes, the tears started rolling down my face right when the college president told the newly graduated students..."Come back. Come back often and visit." I was a mess and could not stop crying. It was the end of having my little girl. She was moving off to D.C. and grad school at American University...all by herself. I worked so hard at making an independent woman out of my daughter that when she exercised that independence, I had moments of sadness. I just missed her so.

Son went out of state...but I was somewhat prepped. He also returned back to Kentucky to finish college, so I got to see him quite a bit. I missed him terribly when he was gone. I think I am the one who had more of a separation problem.  Son is very private and does not want his mother to discuss him. I shall stop here!  :-)

I do not get to see my kiddos as much as I would like...but we chat and get together as much as we can.

Mothers come in all sizes, shapes, and ages. One does not have to give birth to a baby be a mother either. There are many women who are mothers of children they did not bring into this world. And they are mothers just the same. There are some women who are teachers and become "mother" figures for children who are motherless. There are aunts and grandmothers who be come mothers, by circumstance. With blended families today there is lots of mothering that occurs with all of the children. I feel that kids need as much love and understanding as they can get in this big old world...Some kids may have two dads or two mothers. It does not matter...just love the kid(s) you're with!

I will wrap this up by wishing everyone who is a matter the circumstance...Happy Mother's Day!

My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

Hello, I'm Sheila and my house is a giant art project! I enjoy creating an environment where my family can feel safe, secure, and loved. We are empty nesters learning to slow down and enjoy life.

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