May 11, 2015

Mothers Luncheon: Table Setting with Spode

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May 11, 2015

Hubby and I hosted a mother's luncheon for the mothers and daughters in our family. 

We had four generations of mothers and daughters present.  My mother, my daughter, my granddaughter, and me. (spouses too!)

Hubby cooked and cleaned for two days...with me pitching in to clean and pick up.
I was not sure how I was going to set the table...until hubby came in with these pretty pink/orchid/purple tulips and lavender wrappings. At that point I decided to use with a white tablecloth and my mismatched Spode plates that I collected one or two at a time over the years.

I used my everyday Oneida stainless flatware so that I could put it in the dishwasher. The royal navy linen napkins are oldies but goodies. I have had those since 1973 when I was purchasing things to go with my wedding china, which I also still have. It is white with a navy patterned border. Navy blue and white caught my eye all of those years ago.

The pots of tulips added a fun color and a comical touch. One of the pots of tulips became like a "monster" and reached out to nearby people. The stems were extra long and
bendy! Audrey and The Little Shop of Horrors came to my mind! ha! 
I am not really sure if this post is more about the tulips or the table setting. I love to photograph flowers and catch closeup views.

You can see this wacky pot of tulips better here. 

The place settings are very simple...which was appropriate for a Saturday luncheon. My love of white tablecloths began when I lived in France. One can take any table...rustic, outdoor, kitchen, etc. and make it lovely by just using a white tablecloth. I prefer cotton and linen ones, but for the sake of ease I like to use those that can be tossed into the washer and dryer. The one on this table is a Waterford tablecloth from TJMaxx. I also do not like to invest too much in tablecloths because of the possibility of stains.
One thing I sometimes do with a few of my good "wash and dry" tablecloths is to send them to the dry cleaners for a professional pressing. This makes the cloth look crisp...again, going for the French table look. 

Hubby made his famous brownies...and we piled the Beatriz Ball cake platter full of them. Vanilla ice cream and gooey brownies, a simple menu item, but...yum!

Another couple of plate patterns above and below. 

Hubby's Pulled Pork Barbeque
Loaded Mashed Potatoes
Steamed Peas
My Mother's Pistachio Fluff
Cast Iron Skillet Cornbread
Sweet Tea and Water

We had a lovely afternoon with mother and daughter exchanging presents and recognizing their motherly contributions. Plus...I had a fun bag for my almost fifth grade granddaughter...lip gloss, nail polish, and pony tail holder inside of a cute makeup bag! She likes to play with makeup according to my daughter. :-) So I thought this would be appropriate. Plus...I like to look for those things too. 

My daughter had a bag of goodies for of which was a really neat box of "My Kentucky Living" business cards...naming me as the writer and editor of the blog. I guess this makes me, and the blog rather "official." ha!

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My Kentucky Living
My Kentucky Living

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