May 31, 2015

Mixing Design Styles: New Traditional

I just brought my rustic wire sculptural piece into the sitting room. 

You can tell by looking that it is the opposite of everything in this room.

My room is lady like and refined,  while my chippy wire piece looks like it came out of a barn. 

I bought it new in a design shop in Lexington...and it came with rusty looking wires and splattered paint. 

The sculptural form is what pulled me in...not the old barn look.

But, here it is sitting on top of my more "formal"  mahogany tilt top table. 
I's not a "traditional" look. 

But maybe it will be ok these days...I have been reading about and studying today's "traditional" and it can have unexpected pieces. 

Well, my wire thingy is unexpected in my nicely finished sitting room. ha!

Today's new traditional  can encompass many styles/looks. 
The new traditional can include a touch of contemporary, or a touch of country, or a touch of any flavor really...whatever you are comfortable with mixing.

The height of my wire piece actually compliments the slender tilt top table.
 The finial top carries the eye upward.

 This piece is sitting in the room with my ivory damask sofa and blue and white china pieces. A little crazy for me...but, It is just for kind of mix-up my trad style. I do not want my traditional style to slide into old and dowdy. :-)

Since many of my blog readers visit me to see what I am doing in the name of "traditional" style, I thought I would run this "rustic/refined" one by you. 

There was a time when I would have never crossed style lines. I was all about finding Georgian style décor for my Georgian house. 
But now...hey, I am trying some new things.  

The new traditional is still based on classic styles, but it is fresh, fun, and fabulous. You can be traditional without being colonial. You can blur style lines and just have fun with your traditional house. That is my new approach!

Here are a few "new" traditional style pics via 

I like all of these looks...each one for a different reason.

What is not to love about this beautiful living room? I am seeing so much more blue lately. The walls and floor are neutral...with pops of blue in the fabrics and bookcase shelves.

I see this room's architectural bones as traditional, but the supporting details seem to say contemporary/modern. The metal tables have sharp corners...while the chairs are straighter than say a club chair, or other side chair.

This gray bedroom has traditional elements...but I feel a modern vibe too. Look at the bed. The headboard and footboard look as if they came from two separate beds. The leather chair and wool rugs still lean into traditional...while the lamps are going contemporary again. 

And this neutral bedroom/sitting room....I see traditional and I see modern touches. It looks like an antique daybed is mixed with a lucite table. Do you think these opposites attract? 

What do you all think about the mixing of styles?

 If you are a purist, like I have been for years, you want your furnishings to be period correct. Think of mid-century modern, or northeastern colonial, or western ranch or ski lodge. 

 There is a time and a place for "correct" period furnishings, style, and décor. But these days...there is a lot of mixing and mingling going on in the "traditional" design world. 

I think that there is a time and place for the "new traditional" that is being talked about on design sites. I think it looks like fun...and I will be sharing more fun "new" traditional style with you. 

Thanks for visiting and looking at "new" traditional ideas with me.

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