June 1, 2015

Design Challenge...Back to the Hall.

We have been here before! 
...In my dark narrow hall.
You have watched me change this hall table several times...
but I think this one will finally "stick" for a while.
I have had every sort of vignette on this narrow table. Moving the lamps to this spot was one of the best things I have done. 
Now, see what the next best idea was.

I have worked on this hallway to the bedroom side of the house ever since we moved in to our house. I like the bend in the hall, as it creates more privacy for the bedroom wing. Decorating this hall is another thing. There are only so many inches to work with! 
I use this "skinny" table...as it is the narrowest one I have. I have put every style of tablescape on it...and this one probably will not be the last one. But, I had what I thought was a brilliant idea, to move this round mirror over the table. Before, I had a couple of prints stacked high on the wall. The were lovely...but I just had a feeling that this mirror might be a nice change. And it is. 
 This mirror location is also good because the coat closet is a couple of steps away. 
I can put on my coat and check my lipstick at the same time! Handy.
This table is another one of my golden oldies from the late seventies. 
It is still good as new. 
A solid table...and very heavy. 

The nice thing about traditionally styled furnishings is that they really don't go out of style.
I have refused to paint any of my cherry, mahogany, or pine pieces. I do have a few pieces of factory painted furniture...so I will just enjoy those. I love looking at many bloggers' painted furniture DIYs...but I just cannot imagine putting paint on my good wood. I am sure that I would regret it somewhere down the road.
I have gone with a simple table arrangement here...no extras. 

I am trying to de-clutter and go with simple table vignettes.  
We'll see how long that lasts. :-) (skepticism)

The bench below the table is something we pull out for extra seating. 
I had it at the foot of a bed at one time...but I changed things! 
ha! :-)

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