May 17, 2015

Blue and White in My Life

May 17, 2015

I have some old and some new to show you today! 

Vista Print business cards

As part of my Mother's Day bag of goodies my daughter included some pretty blog "business" cards. She designed them by taking one of my blog photos and cropping it...then sending it to a printing company. The flip side has my name, blog url, and blog email. Since I cannot send each of you one of my new is a copy.

blue and white porcelain

Daughter also included a couple of flour sack towels with a pretty blue and white design in my gift bag. They are too pretty to use!

blue and white porcelain

We visited our storage unit for more work and rummaging and I found a bowl that I had been thinking about. As in...where in the heck is this bowl?!

I popped open the top of a tub to find a white trash bag wrapped around something.  I poked a hole in the plastic and saw my old blue and white decorative bowl...with potpourri still inside. And...there was still some fragrance! Yipee!
I was so excited to find my old treasure that I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures once I got back home. I went to my studio (i.e. dining room, because of the lighting.) and put a few things together for some pictures. You know by now that I am always looking for a reason to play with my camera and create "still life" vignettes.

blue and white china

There are still many more tubs and boxes to bring there are bound to be more old treasures that I will find.Yea! I won't have to shop for home décor for ages. I can just shop my tubs in storage. ha!

It's kind of like Christmas opening tubs and boxes. I unwrap items and think..."so that's where you are."  :-)

As I go through this process of finding things...I am also using the opportunity to donate some things too. Books. Housewares. Clothes. etc. I am giving some things a good hard look and asking myself if I really need and/or will use this item. 
blue and white porcelain

Thanks for visiting. I just wanted to show you my pretty blue and white bowl...(plus some of my mothers day goodies.)

A Little Tech Talk...
I am experimenting with different picture quality sizes to help them load faster for you when you click on a post title. The downside of smaller quality pics is that they are not as sharp as I would like. I would like your opinions. 

Can you tell a difference in load time? 
Can you tell a noticeable difference on your computer or smart device screen?

I have done the necessary things to make my blog "mobile" friendly...according to Google. That will be good for you all who access my blog on a tablet, ipad, or smart phone.  

Hope you have a great day!

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