May 5, 2015

Behind the Scenes


I've dropped the ball in my dining room.

I have some organizing to do.

I thought you might get a kick out of this. 

Real life! 

My dining room table is overflowing with stuff.

What a mess!

My table sometimes becomes a staging zone for my projects. Sometimes it becomes a catch-all for items that I retrieve from storage too. Right now it is just a mess. And I need to fix the pile asap because when I open the front door the dining room is the first thing you see. The sight of my table would make someone run away! 

I have a bad habit...(yes I do!) when I straighten up around the house. I put things in piles. Just part of my organizing system? Or is it lazy? Not sure...but the dining table has a pile that I need to fix. 

I have another pile...but will not show you. It is my "teacher" pile. Books. Papers. Notebooks. I need to pack those away for the summer. 

You probably recognize some of these pretties from vignettes. Here they are...waiting for me to put them where they belong. 

The large green wicker trays are from the old vacation house. My French pig has been with me a long time too. It stayed on the counter in the kitchen of the Georgian. The wicker plant stand with red flowers was also in my old kitchen. 

I just recently found these things in the storage unit. It is fun being reunited with some of my old things. It  isn't about having stuff, but rather that I attach memories with so many things. Where I found it. When I found it. etc. It's the memories that are important to me. I am just so sentimental.

I have to get busy today and clean off my messy dining room table! I am trying to organize and stash like items in the same cabinet, or box, or tub. Our downsize is so much smaller than the Georgian, and I don't have as much storage as I really need. I am trying to purge...but the process is really slow! Too slow!

Off to work on the table now!

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