May 3, 2015

Another Change in the Greatroom.

I brought my wicker trunk into the greatroom to serve as a coffee table. 
Then I brought a cherry table in. Take a look and see what I did
I brought this cherry lamp table back from our storage unit last week. It was dusty and needed a good cleaning. Once looked like its old self. It has some dings and scrapes...but it is a good solid cherry table. 
I really like to use my old, good wood furniture rather than buying new. I feel that my old stuff might be more solid. Anyway, I put this table next to "my" chair in the greatroom. Ta da! Another table to style!
I grabbed the lamp from a bedroom. I grabbed the black tray from my stash. Then I grabbed the urn, brass ginger jar, and our beach pic from other locations in the great room. The old photo of us was back in the nineties. Can you tell by my hairdo?...And we still like the moment it represents. 

We took the children to Hilton Head every summer for years and years and years. They grew up. We sold the vacation house. Things just changed. And now...we have downsized!

Here is the base to the funky lamp.

The lampshade is handpainted...and adds to the eclectic look. As you know...I love touches of black in my décor, so this lamp is a supporting character in my overall look.
Here is my crooked little urn! ha! I picked it up for a couple of dollars, then after I came home I realized that it was crooked. That has not stopped me from using it. I just put some greenery in it...and roll with what I have. 

I have had the little brass ginger jar for years and years. The lacquer has stayed great...even after being in storage for a long time.
I was not sure about using this funky lamp in here at first. But...hubby offered his opinion that it looked good, so I went with it.
I am so glad that I brought this lamp table to the house and placed it next to my "blogging" chair. Now I have really good light, and a good place to put my cup of coffee, tea, or coke zero. 

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