August 13, 2015

What a Treat!

I never win anything, until a few days ago. 

Well, there was the hula hoop contest I was in back in the second or third grade. Because I kept my hula hoop up for over four hours... I won second place, which was a record player and some cash. That was pretty cool stuff for a kid. I loved that record player. (Hey it was 1958 or 59.) 

Back to the point...I registered to win a Kentucky Derby tote bag from Alison at The Polo House blog. Much to my surprise I received an email from her that I had won a tote designed by Rebecca Ray. I am delighted to be the proud owner of this Rebecca Ray bag. The handles are made of excellent horse reins. The body is a tough nylon and can be wiped off very easily. Joy. Joy. Joy. Love it. Love it. Love it. 

Thank you so much Allison. This is truly a very generous gift! I want to encourage you all to visit Rebecca's blog to see her equine designs. They are wonderful! And, she might still have some of these Derby bags if you want one of your own.

The story is not over...

I looked inside of my new bag and discovered the cutest, tastiest, treat!

I took some pics because I thought you all would like this! I know that there are some moms and grandmothers out there!

Start with homemade rice Krispie treats. Drizzle vanilla icing on the diagonal. Add some cute sprinkles. Cut squares. Stick a lollipop stick up the middle of the Krispie square. Once everything has set, slip the treat into a treat bag. Add a cute ribbon! I should have taken a pic with the treat outside of the bag...but, well, I was already munching on this by the time I thought about it. Oops! You get the idea though. This was better than a regular rice Krispie had an extra vanilla flavor. The icing maybe.

Thank you Alison for this sweet treat...and the idea to make these too!

Try to take a minute to visit Alison's Polo House blog. Wonderful design ideas! Today she has a great post about trims and window treatments. Gorgeous! I saw some Greek key designs that I like!

Thanks for visiting.

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