April 19, 2015

Tweaking the Sitting Room for Spring

Today...I puttered around the house moving items and recreating new table vignettes. I figured it was time to retire the bunny and work on a fresh look for the coffee table. Then...you know how it goes. One thing leads to another. I was moving this and that and seeing how things would look here and there. 
The coffee table has been like above since after Christmas, with the exception of the twig bunny. I took everything off of the coffee table and began putting whites on the table...lightening up the room a bit.
I began with a tray...as I seem to need a tray to anchor so many of my tabletops. I put a green jar on the table to flow with the green pillows which I showed you several weeks ago. And I added a new purchase too!
The white pitcher is a porcelain one that I picked up at Dillards last week in Bowling Green for an amazing thirteen dollars. I like it because it looks similar to an ironstone one that I have. I just thought it had a sweet look and needed to come home to join my other white dishes.

All of my pretties are sitting on my old 1976 Ethan Allen butler's tray table. If it could talk it would tell about so many activities in the "good" living room at the old Georgian. We had a large formal "living room" and while it had the piano, Chippendale style sofa, and other nice items, it was not a "stay out" sort of living room. When we built that house I wanted us to use it and live in the whole house! We did. My son would line matchbox cars from one end of the room to the other. And my daughter would line up dollies on the damask covered sofa. Many fond memories for sure. And I remember the tinkling of piano keys while one child or the other practiced... while I was cooking dinner. 
Here is a closer look of what I put together.

Now, where did I put the collection of blue and white? I will show you the next time. I need to give you a reason to come back soon. :-)

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