April 16, 2015

The Rusty Springs General Store

We spent a Friday night at the Rusty Springs General Store in Russell Springs, Ky recently. The store is a local place where folks can have lunch and shop vintage collectibles. They started a series of musical performers on Friday nights....and the first are friends of ours. One is a retired high school math teacher, and two are retired Kentucky social service workers. YES, there is life after retirement! They sing and play guitars and just generally entertain those who like their kind of music...fifties and sixties stuff. 

I snapped a few pics with my phone...so the quality is not the best. But I wanted to share!

Hubby and I love fifties and sixties music...and my hubby is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to songs and singers of this era. The guys tried to stump hubby with some lesser known Everly Brothers songs...but my guy knew the tunes. I heard him singing along.

We stayed for the whole evening and enjoyed seeing some other friends who came to hear Bill, Jerry, and Phillip. There were so many people that the management had to go looking for more chairs. It was a fun way to spend a laid-back Friday night in small town Kentucky. 

We were seated next to this old candy machine. It appears to have a quality restoration...and has a price tag of $2500.00 ...if you know of someone who is in the market for a restored candy machine. I did not put any change in it to retrieve anything, but I was tempted. The prices were "old" prices too.

There are all kinds of things for sale in the store: stick candy, popcorn, signs, vintage lunch boxes, tee shirts, and some good food from the snack bar. 

I got a sideways pic of the vintage jukebox. Anyone remember those? 

I took a pic of the original store flooring...but I have no idea how old the building is. 

Russell Springs is a small Ky town that is trying to revive its Main Street. The old movie theatre is now being used for plays by the local theatrical group. The old downtown pharmacy is now Grider on Main, a local home decor store with everything from lamps and place settings to new and vintage jewelry. Since the town is not too far from my town I love to stop in from time to time. There is a church charity store, and a shop with odd lots of stuff for those who just want to see what they can find. There is a shoe shop that also offers monogram services. And there is a hair salon. There are several other businesses but I cannot remember all of them.  Little by little the storefronts are being repopulated. And that is a good thing, when so many small downtowns are sitting empty. 

I took this pic for the chewing gum boxes. Anyone remember Fruit Stripe and Teaberry?

It was a fun evening of memorable tunes. 
Music can make you feel young again. 
It takes you back to another time of your life.

In fact, one of the band members mentioned that he may be in his seventies, but when he plays his guitar and sings he feels like he is 20 again. I believe he found his fountain of youth! 

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