April 3, 2015

Pearls & Cardigans + Scarves

I have been playing with my clothes again. But for a good reason! It is easier to get dressed when you have some outfits put together on a hanger. I am also realizing that I am wearing more of my separates...because they are not hiding in the closet. Before, I would just grab something that was "on top" or just washed and still on a hanger from drying. In other words...I was wearing the same things when I had more options on the closet rod. 

I am really getting into planning my outfits...and thought I would share a couple more with you. I am getting the system down and find that it is working wonderfully for me. I hope I am giving you some inspiration too.

I am adding scarves to the pearls and cardigans equation today...since it can be cool during the transition to spring/summer.
Here is an outfit I put together with a previous season Talbots 3/4 sleeve cardigan and Chicos black knit pants. The sweater is a light cotton in light tan and black. I wear this sweater over black sleeveless dresses also since I like for my clothes to do double and triple duty!

I added a light camel scarf and beige pearls...well, glass beads, which are Monet from Macys several years ago.
I like camel and black together so I thought I would try for a spring version of the camel / black combo.
I added this scarf for a little something. Scarves are also nice to throw over your shoulders when the temps are still chilly.

I wanted to see what a black scarf would look like instead of the camel. So, I wrapped a black one around my leopard sweater. I wear so much black...and I might prefer the black over the camel. What do you think? Black vs Camel? Hmmm.

I have put an over the door set of hooks on the bedroom door where I can hang my "outfits." I can put together two or three complete looks and have them at the ready. 
Looks like I am ready to go somewhere! 
Those of you who have trouble figuring out what to wear, like me, can adopt this system too. I learned it from Pat at Back Porch Musings Blog. She often puts together her outfits...and show us.
I have one more outfit to share...and it uses black slacks, though I could use white slacks in the summer. 
This is a Chicos Travelers tunic top...in a beautiful blue. Some might call this Kentucky blue! :-)

I chose these oversized beads that my daughter gave me a few years ago.
I am pairing my tunic with these wide leg Chico's Travelers slacks. 
This will be like wearing my pjs around.
I tried a black scarf and another necklace for another look.
The necklace is purple beads with large blue beads. 

  I went back to the large white pearls and then added a houndstooth scarf.
I now have three outfits at the ready when I need to dash out!
Loving being more organized with my outfits!
 Some have asked me to model my outfits. 
We shall see. :-)
I will try not to wear you out with my fashion issues...but  I want to help others of you who stand in your closet like I do and try to figure what to put with what! ha! All I need to add is a pair of shoes and a pair of earrings for each outfit and I am good to "go." 

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