April 29, 2015

My Wicker Trunk Moves!

I have been itching to change the coffee table in our great/media room. I have had a cherry butler's tray table in front of the sofa since we moved in...but the scale was off for the size of the sofa...and the size of the room.

I have looked in furniture stores, and online, and have not seen a coffee table that really speaks to me. So...
In an effort to "shop" my own house I decided to move this wicker trunk into the greatroom. Hubby helped me remove it from the bedroom it was in and bring it to the greatroom. I used this trunk in the old Georgian sunroom...but with a different sofa. The sunroom was a large room and it worked there. Hubby liked the idea of the wicker in the great room...so I was able to recruit his help with the moving. Luckily, there are large sturdy handles on each side.
I refer to this piece as a trunk...because it is very heavy and substantial. The frame and interior "box" are solid wood. It gives me great storage too!
The next step was to begin to create a pleasing arrangement on top. I pulled a wood tray from my stash and placed candles on it. With the uneven top ...I needed something to provide a flat surface for some things. I also put my old brass bowl and pears on top too. Next I added in an orange candlestick. 

I was not sure of the orange candlestick...so I took it away. If I bring my orange velvet pillows to the sofa...I will bring back the orange candlestick.

The wood tray is newish...but has a distressed look.

I still have my leopard down filled pillows on the sofa. They have a heavy fabric...but are comfortable. Can I use these through the summer?  I usually put some lighter weight fabric pillows on this sofa during the warmer months.
Here are the sturdy handles! Great for when you need to slide or lift the trunk.

Here is an old antique Kentucky jug that we have had for years. I began to wonder what it might look like on the distressed tray.
You can see that this is a very primitive old jug...rough and rustic. Would it go with my more refined pieces?  Sometimes I think that opposites attract. The juxtaposition of styles can be interesting.

I will leave the jug, hurricaines, and brass bowl on the top of the trunk for a few days and then see if there is something else I might like better. I am always moving things around...so we shall see what the next few days bring.

I caught Mikey in my lens...taking one of his (senior) naps! 

Speaking of Mikey, he went to see his vet a couple of weeks ago for his annual checkup.Plus this time he had a "senior" blood panel. He has lost weight over the year because we had him on weight reduction dog food. Like his people...he had gained some weight.  We wanted to check that all was ok. Mikey also had a cyst on his right shoulder...and so he had a biopsy of that. We waited on pins and needles a good week before we got the results. The vet thought some of the cells looked suspicious...so we were worried. Good news...all blood work was great, and the cyst was ok afterall. Whew...! Glad we dodged a problem. Mikey is our baby.

I will be sure to share photos if I create a different table top, or rather trunk top! I will play around with books, trays, etc. and see what looks I can design. 

The greatroom is a dark room, and I find it to be the most challenging room in the house. It is great for watching movies and
television because of low light. But overall it is much darker than any other family living spaces we have ever had. And, there is no way to add more windows. The room is dark because of our back porch roof. Can't have it all I guess. ha! 

Maybe with your help I can brighten up this room with some tweaks along the way. 

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