April 23, 2015

Let's Talk Derby...

Today is a hodge podge of items for you...
but they are all about The Kentucky Derby.

The excitement is building...whether you will be in Louisville, or whether you will be hosting your own Derby affair. If you are a guest at someone else's party, you are probably putting together your hat, dress, shoes, jewelry, etc. 
If you will be watching the race on television...be sure to turn your tv on early and watch the pre-race festivities. There are races all day long...but the Derby is run in the late afternoon...four, five, or six depending on your time zone. So, be sure to check out when the race is televised in your area. I love to look at the beautiful horses and hats! The tv cameras usually find some celebrities up on Millionaire's Row to chat with...so that is fun to see. It is fun to watch...whether they are showcasing kids and folks from the infield or the box seats. 
Everyone can be a southern belle at the Kentucky Derby. 
Just add a beautiful hat!

I was able to do a copy and paste about the wonderful Kentucky Derby Pie. (see below) It is patented by the Kerns Bakery family...and no one else is allowed to call their pie a "Derby Pie."  So, other folks have to call theirs a Derby like pie, kentucky nut pie, or whatever name they can come up with so as not to infringe on the "Derby Pie" name. If you want an official Derby Pie you can order one from A Taste of Kentucky. If you want to try your own...there are recipes all over for an almost Derby Pie. Think pecan pie, with chocolate, and a splash of very good bourbon. (At our house we always use Kentucky Makers Mark. I use it for bourbon balls and other things... :-)  A Makers and Coke (mixed well) is nice for sipping if you don't like Mint Julips.

I encourage you to click these links I have for you...
 to obtain more information!

A Taste of Kentucky...find food, party supplies, history, etc.

Talk Derby To Me ....fun stuff to order! I love this. I ordered "Talk Derby to Me Cups" for my last Derby party. 

All Things Bourbon...A great shopping site. Learn about the history of bourbon, julep cups, and julep glasses. 

Derby Pie, Cakes, Candy...Find yummy things to order. 

  atasteofkentucky.com • 800-444-0552

Derby PieAbout Derby-Pie®

Derby-Pie® was born nearly a half century ago as the specialty pastry of the Melrose Inn in Prospect, Kentucky. The manager of the restaurant, George Kern, developed the recipe with the help of his parents, Walter and Leaudra. Because each family member had their own favorite name for this new pie, the name Derby-Pie®had to be pulled from a hat.


The Recipe for
We have been asked by our customers so many times for the Derby-Pie recipe, but to their disappointment, we can't give it to them — because we don't have it. Even at Kern's Kitchen where Derby-Pies are made, only two people in the company know what the complete recipe is, and they're not talking (it's a patented trade secret).

Many recipes have been circulated that claim to be the "original" recipe (and we've even tried a few), but none of them duplicate the real thing.

Save yourself the trouble — just buy one

By 1968 Derby-Pie® had become so successful that the name was registered with the U.S. Patent Office and the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Since then it has been baked and distributed solely by Kern's Kitchen, a small family operation owned by the Kern's grandson, Alan Rupp.

The Kern grandchildren take the same pride in preparing Derby-Pie® today that their grandparents did over four decades ago. Only the highest quality ingredients are used and each pie is carefully filled by hand.

Try some the way Leaudra always served it — warm from the oven and topped with real whipped cream. If you're feeling adventurous, try it with a teaspoon of good Kentucky Bourbon over the whipped cream. Derby Pie can be found on our website at:

Now, Lets move on to...Hats Hats Hats
And are you wondering who makes some of the beautiful hats that find their way to the Oaks and the Kentucky Derby? Meet Helen Overfield.

Style Blueprint, Hatmaker Helen Overfield
https://styleblueprint.com/louisville/everyday/helen-overfield-faces-louisville/  Hats off, by Helen 



Helen Overfield of Hats by Helen-Helen Overfield has been making Derby hats, unofficially, for more than 25 years. As a corporate wife, Helen helped her husband entertain out-of-town guests and clients for countless Derby weekends. And every year, there were guests who were unprepared for the Derby fashion expectations and arrived sans hats. Helen unfailingly came to the rescue, making these ladies hats or lending them one of her own. Enough of these experiences eventually led her to start a legitimate business, and she opened Hats Off by Helen a year and a half ago. Today, we welcome Helen as our FACES of Louisville feature. Welcome, Helen!  click  HERE for the rest of the interview... If you need a Derby hat next year, you can contact Helen. 
Helen's hats are beautiful...and she is a Kentucky business! 

Most images are via kentuckyderby.com website.

I guess you can tell that I LOVE hats! 
I have collected a few from over the years and I will try to take some pics to share with you.

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