April 1, 2015

Fun & Festive Easter Table

There is never a good time to be sick. I was not sick a bit last fall, or this past winter, but I knew yesterday when the body chills and sore throat hit me that it was a tad more than seasonal allergies. (Fingers crossed that I do not have to visit our very nice doc and his staff this week.) 

I decided to show you some of last year's table decorations...as I am running behind right now. Though a couple of Advil have helped the headache and body chills. (Throat not so much.)

Hubby did some grocery shopping so that we would have the ham and some veggies. I have to finish up as best I can. Darn, this is not a good time! But I said that already didn't I.

Last year I was big on sparkle eggs, while this year I switched to some soft pastel ones. Fake eggs are fake eggs I guess, but there are esthetic differences to those of us who are "visual" folks. ha!

When I put together this wild Easter table last year I used what I had on hand. I had the stems, the moss, and the glass containers. I put a bright grass green table runner on top of the white tablecloth. Next I placed the vases and assorted plastic eggs filled with mini chocolate bars, Milkey Ways, Hershey's kisses, etc. Next I put the stems down into the vases. (But as long as there was chocolate...the table decorations were really a minor player.)  We celebrated my father's birthday at Easter, so this was his birthday lunch too.

The table looks a little wild and crazy now that I look back at it...but it was a fun day. (I was NOT sick.)  I ate chocolate and all I could hold of my mothers home made banana pudding. That pudding sounds good to my sore throat right now!  I guess I am too old to call my mommy and  whine ask for some of her yummy banana pudding.

I fix a communal Easter basket for everyone to nibble on.
In lieu of  kiddie baskets of long ago...this seems to satisfy my family.  I remember getting our daughter a pretty new spring dress, shoes, and hat while I usually found a brightly colored blazer and tie and shirt for our son. The main attraction of course for them as small children seemed to be the Easter basket. I guess that is pretty normal. While we never made it to sunrise services with small children in tow...we made the regular church service!

I am going to do a quick proof read of this post...and click publish. If I miss anything blame it on my "sore throat and chills." I am not a joyful sick person.  :-)  I will return to normal in a day or two no doubt.

If you are traveling this weekend to be near family, please be safe.
God Speed.

Happy Easter,

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