March 26, 2015

Spring Fashion: Cardigans and Pearls

When spring arrives...
my wardrobe becomes cotton cardigans with pearls...
or another complementary necklace.
I can wear a tank or a tee under a cardigan then pair it with dress slacks, a skirt, or jeans. Many times I add a scarf, but not always.
This is a Talbots sweater and scarf from a few seasons back. The pearls are my "train station" pearls that I bought in D.C when our daughter was in grad school there. They are inexpensive glass beads...but I love this strand. I can wrap it two or three times depending if I want it longer or shorter. (The beads are not if they ever break there will beads all over the place.)

The sweater is a pinky peach. The lighting makes the color off in some of the photos.
I wear this sweater with navy slacks, black slacks, and even white. I still love this scarf and often wear it in the winter with wool sweaters too.
 This sweater has small gold wire buttons, so I wear gold tone jewelry with it sometimes.

This next cardigan is a totally different look. 
This is a simple cotton Crown & Ivy from Belks. I love the Chanel look with the solid navy strip around the neck and down the front. It works with skirts, dress slacks, or jeans. 
Belks Crown and Ivy Cardigan
For my trip out of town I want to be "snappy casual" so I will probably wear the pearl strand, with a navy or white tank underneath. 
These older navy Chicos slacks match the navy of the sweater. I love when that happens! The slacks are knit, with stretch...good for comfort. These slacks are my go to for all day comfort. And I can throw them into the washer and dry on a hanger. How wonderful is that! I am getting lazy and like for my clothes to be easy.  
Pearl earrings/studs will finish the will a comfortable pair of flats. 
pearls and cardigans

In a previous post I mentioned that Pat, from Back Porch Musings inspired me to begin "planning" my outfits. I think this will make it easier for when I need to  look pulled together. I have been putting together a few outfits over the last couple of days...and it is kind of fun. I am rediscovering clothes that I have not worn in a while. (If I can lose a few more pounds I will have even more pieces from which to choose. ha!)

If I were really on the ball I would snap pics of these outfits and create a collage to print and post on my closet door. I would have a constant reminder of what I could wear. That is on my "to do" list.

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