March 19, 2015

Pearls and Cardigans

They say that imitating someone is the sincerest form of flattery.
 great cardigan, button-down, and pearls

Well, I am going to try to do what Pat on Back Porch Musings has been showing us for a while. 

She picks out her outfits and hangs them on the door, at the ready! (And Pat is very stylish I must say.) Presto, she is ready for the next day. Every time I would see a post where she shared an outfit, I would think to myself...I need to do this!

So Pat, I am going to give your system a whirl. It seems that I just stand in the closet and look to see what to wear whenever I get dressed to go somewhere. Way too much time spent just standing looking at my clothes. 

Years ago, when I was a young high school teacher I would put together my outfits before the week started so that I would not be trying to pull out something at the last minute. I did not have much time in the mornings...and it really helped to have my "outfits" hanging and ready.

For this post...I though I would try this practice outfit as I purchased the new cotton cardigan last week...(I am a cardigan girl.) and was wanting to see if its shade of navy blue would match my other navy items. 
crown & ivy™ Solid Cardigan

First, let me warn you that I am a super conservative dresser...but I am trying to let loose and do better. ha! (I do have some leopard in my closet.)

Starting from the bottom up...
The skirt is a navy Chicos traveler maxi from a few years back. Of course, I am so short that every skirt is a maxi, and I have to hem. I love wearing longer skirts in the summer.

The sweater is navy cotton from Belks (crown & ivy.) I like it because while it is cotton, and it has some stretch so it bounces back to its original shape. 
white shirt, pearls, cardigan

The blouse is a Chicos easy care petite with 3/4 sleeves. I try to get a couple each year as this is my favorite style of blouse.(I have a few different colors.)  White blouses stay crisp for about a I get a new one each year...and wear the older one with jeans, etc. 

white shirt, pearls, cardigan

The scarf is one that a local seamstress made and had for sale at the hairdressers. The navy stripe in the scarf and my skirt and sweater navy are perfect matches. How lucky is that? Navy can be hard to match. Anyway, the scarf is an infinity scarf that I folded in half and tied. 

I love scarves. I think my love of scarves started when I lived in France and saw women wear scarves so elegantly. A scarf can be quite the status item in France if it is from a couture designer. Mine are not...but I do have several silk scarves in my collection. I will show you some of my scarves another time.

white shirt, pearls, cardigan

The pearls are "train station" glass pearls that I picked up in D.C. when my daughter was in grad school there. There were some great shops in the train station at the time. Maybe there still are, but I have not been back to D.C. since she graduated.  The necklace has magnetic that.

white shirt, pearls, cardigan
If the sweater gets too warm...I can just put it over my shoulders.

I will most likely wear pearl studs for earrings.
As for shoes...probably a navy flat.
I may possibly wear a belt around my waist to cinch in the blouse a little.

white shirt, pearls, cardigan

Can you stand it? 
Am I uber traditional...or just plain jane? 
At least I am not wearing saddles and bobby socks...ha! I did when I was a youngster though.

How many of you dress in button downs, pearls, flats, and cardigans? can look really snappy. (see pic below)

great cardigan, button-down, and pearls

I feel good knowing that I have planned an outfit. If I can do one, then I can do more. 
I just have to take the time to "plan."

I have heard that you have to do something a few times before it becomes a "habit," so we shall see how dedicated I am to this wardrobe planning.

Before I put this outfit back in the closet I will probably do some more mixing and matching to see some other configurations.

Perhaps a different scarf, and silver jewelry.

Or maybe a different color cardigan and no scarf.

Or maybe same blouse, sweater, and pearls...but with jeans. 

I will save photos to share later.

white shirt, pearls, cardigan
A 3/4 sleeve blouse is my favorite. "No iron" is wonderful. Everyone needs at least one fresh crisp white shirt/blouse for spring and summer. It can go from casual with jeans to work with a skirt.
I used to cut pictures of outfits out of magazines and catalogs and keep them for inspiration. Once Lands End did a page showing what you could do with just a couple of pairs of slacks, sweaters, blouses, etc. I was amazed at how many outfits could be made from just a few articles of clothing. So, I am going to give that system a try also. Handy for packing in a carry on bag too. 
white shirt, pearls, cardigan  

This is not my normal "home" topic...but it is about how I live and how I need to become more organized.   :-) 

Picking out my outfits seems to be a chore.
I hope to simplify my life by planning my wardrobe selections ahead of time. I tend to always go to some standbys, when I could wear more of my clothes if I just planned better. 

So, here goes. ha!

I have no affiliation with Belks, Chicos, or the D.C. train station. 
Just sharing some things I like.

Door basket floral arrangement

Thank you for the inspiration Pat.

Thanks for visiting, and please come back soon.
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