March 12, 2015

One More Basket

March 12, 2015

First of all, let me say...
Oh happy day...
 for warm temps in Kentucky!
The snow has melted...
and I am doing a happy dance! 
I will spare you a picture of that.  :-)

One more basket...

Because of this springlike weather (which I hope lasts for a good long time) I am starting the transition to spring. I am just going on and doing. If it snows again...well, I will fight it off with my spring happy dance and any magic potions that you suggest.
I am moving things around the house, cleaning the house, and generally just making a mess around the house while I do this transition.

Above you can see my fall/winter arrangement on the floor, some Christmas votives in the chair, and a basket that I just brought home. It had been wintering at my daughter's home. She was kind enough to pick it up in Lexington.  A real deal at abt fifteen dollars! (Daughter did not charge me for storing it since after Christmas. ha!) 

I have wanted a door basket for a long time...but some that I have seen have just been too pricey for something that stays on the front or back door.  This one is fits the bill for what I wanted...price, size, weave, and color. It has a somewhat weathered that is fine. My plan is to be able to switch out stems and greenery for the different seasons or holidays. I like to do these myself and aim for a florist look. Sometimes I cannot pull of that "posh" of a look but it lets me play and create.
You can see that the basket is not too that it sits nicely on the front door. 
The gray finish makes it look "not brand new." So, no need to paint or stain for that sought after weathered finish.
There is a woven handle on the back of the basket that helps with the hanging. I will probably use a large suction cup on the glass front door...providing all stays stuck to the door. If not, I will use a wreath hanger over the top of the door. 

I have lots of silk stems...and I recycle them from one arrangement to another.I have had most of them for years. I have fun remaking arrangements.  (Yes...I am a craft pack rat.) Sometimes I will just pick up a few stems when ever, or where ever, if they are quality stems at a bargain price. I love to mix and match for new looks.

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