March 1, 2015

My Treasured Cachepot

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This may look like a French antique, ...but it is a decorative cachepot from a "hunting and gathering" visit in Lex several years ago. 

I have a friend who loves to "hunt and gather" also, so we go on field trips around town just browsing and looking, until someone spots a treasure. 

When my eyes locked onto this little cachepot I knew that I wanted it. This just goes to show that something need not be an expensive antique to look like one in your house. ha!  

To make sure that I was not making a purely impulse purchase I did a mental check to see if it would really work in my house. 

Size. Shape. Colors. Style. etc. The size was just right for filler, or stems, and still fit on a tabletop. 

I could slip a couple of small flower pots of flowers inside. I could see it on the breakfast table as well as any tabletop in the house. (I still have a few of my ceramic roosters from a few years ago too.) 

The Roosters remind me of my time living in southern France, Gaul and all. Oval shape, lovely., shades of green, some reddish tones, touches...yes. 

Traditional style, yes. Ok, it makes perfect sense that I purchased this. It is a perfect match for my home decor...and not an impulse purchase! (Have you learned my sense of humor yet?)

I think the hand painting is detailed, and looks good...and I love the scalloped edge.

I had no choice but to purchase this little pot. Really. No choice at all. :-) 

I think the roosters are cute...and I love the several shades of green, being a lover of green. 

My cachepot repeats the colors that I use in the house, and this is the technique that I use to pull my room's colors together. Repeat your colors throughout the house!  

I think one way you can decide if a piece is/was a good investment is that you can move it around the house, and that you are still using it after a few years. 

If a purchase stands the test of was a good one. On the other hand I have made a few impulse purchases that I tired of after a few months. I guess we have all done that. 

I try to be very selective these days. I have more than I need. I mostly shop my house...unless I see that one very special item. 

Then I ask myself...will I love it this much after two or three years? 

(Shopping my own basement has become a bit of a fun see how many ways I can mix this and that for a new, fresh look.)

I put a couple of stalks of silk grass in my cachepot for this arrangement. Sometimes I put fragrant filler inside of it. The painted finish is not food this is purely decorative. 

Here's my cachepot resting on the hall table...the one I change arrangements on often.

Since I am a French teacher...let me tell you about the french word..." le cachepot." (first, the final letter "t" is silent. So, you end up with cachepo...)

We/English write cachepot as one word, while the french write it hyphenated.  le cache-pot. It is masculine in gender.
cachepot (from the French Cache-pot = hiding a pot) is a decorative container for growing a plant. And thus it constrains a more decorative object than the pot itself. It is often made in (clay) and intentionally disfigured by spots of water or fertilizer.
In contrast with a usual flower pot, the cachepot has no hole at its base for discharging excess water so it does not spoil the furniture underneath.  (wickipedia)
cache·pot ("t" is silent.)
from the verb cacher ‘to hide’ +pot ‘pot.’
nouncachepot;  plural noun: cachepots. 
An ornamental holder for a flowerpot.
late 19th century: from French cache-pot.
The French verb: cacher to hide.  

Hope you enjoyed the mini French lesson.
Thanks for visiting.

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