March 29, 2015

Inspiration for a New Floral Arrangement

                  March 28, 2015

Inspiration for a new floral arrangement...

I was inspired to create this floral arrangement after seeing a similar one on Stone Gable Blog. Yvonne's arrangement used a large clear jar, burlap balls and tall twigs. When I saw hers I thought to myself...I have a huge green glass jar...I think I can make one like this. Home and DIY bloggers are great sources of inspiration!
I have had this huge green jar for a long time...and I usually have it filled with faux fruit, pine cones, or some other kind of filler that I have laying about.
I grabbed my forsythia bushes and began putting them in the jar. They were a little floppy until I started filling up the jar with some of the fruit to secure them.  

 I thought "ta da!" Then I thought, this is huge! Where am I going to put it? It is too tall for my tables with overhead lighting. It might work in the kitchen...but again, it is huge. 
I have lots of pictures because I really got into photographing my forsythia! I just love the first signs of forsythia in the spring. It is a sure sign that spring is here and summer is near!

I boosted the color in a couple of the photos...just for some extra punch. Picassa, which I have used for years as my go to photo editing program...has so many great editing options. Boost is one of them that I use a lot. It is tricky though because some actions fuzz the photo. Like so many is personal preference as to the style of photography that you like. Some people prefer soft photos, but I tend to like sharp photos...without creating huge file sizes. I try not to make you wait for a photo to load...while still giving you a sharp photograph.

I am a very visual person, and I enjoy reading blogs that are heavy with lovely photos. I try to give my readers lots of lovely photos too. Some may be better than others...but again, I am not a professional photographer. I just play one on my blog. :-)
I took these photos in the late afternoon...which is the perfect time to "shoot" in my dining room. The parlor is across the hall from the dining room, but the lighting is not as good for some reason. So, you see me doing lots of projects in the dining room because of the lighting. I prefer natural lighting for my photos which means I have to time my photo shoots for certain times of the day. 
I brought the arrangement into the mama cave to rest on the pedestal table. This should work in terms of space.
I will enjoy the arrangement here for awhile. Nothing stays in one place very long in my house. I love to tinker and play house, but I am guessing you already knew that! :-)

This arrangement could be sized down also. If you have a large jar of some sort and sprigs and twigs, forsythia, or another long stemmed flower you can put this together. Also...if I were working with a smaller jar I might be tempted to use a bag or two of sand in the bottom to secure the stems. Anything organic would work as filler. Some stems may stay in place in the jar without any filler. It depends on the height of the jar and the length of the stems. So...get busy making your own, and tell me about it! 

If you get a chance visit Yvonne at Stone Gable Farm Blog to check out her similar arrangement. 

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